Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Computer Bank Finds & Condition Tables

Random Computer Bank Finds 1d30 

  1. The number 23 comes up repeatedly across the monitor over & over again
  2. Plans for an outmoded battle station the size of a small planet  with a radical weakness  
  3. A Rogue AI that wants to talk & talk 
  4. Please hold for the next operator 
  5. Valuable mineral & resource information for an ancient star system 
  6. The location of black hole treasure & wreck hoard 
  7. Alien culture maps & records 
  8. Strange ancient face book  profile 
  9. Plans for a solar sailor with parts lists 
  10. Velcoreporn #9 -The legendary porn planet location 
  11. Lovecraftain cult leaders soul & mind on hard disk 
  12. Demonoid mind trapped & waited 
  13. Galactic Hospital records including identity information 
  14. Holographic Representation of Hell -Roll save versus 
  15. The Necronomicon on Disk 
  16. Brain Cylinder hooked up to bank with red light beeping 
  17. A treasure hoard of holographic art 
  18. Electronic drug that can be downloaded via biodrive 
  19. 727 cross sectioned alien species on disk 
  20. The greatest hits of Gallifreyan music downloadable 
  21. The universe's worst joke which counts as a weapon of mass destruction
  22. Computer virus that radical alters any machines around it into absolute killing machines  
  23. A hoard of alien porn - scientifically valuable 
  24. A phone call from an alternative reality 
  25. Map of the multiverse in gibberish 
  26. Matter to Energy conversion equation program running -Roll save versus death 
  27. Random party member targeted for assassination 
  28. Location of valuable resources - food planet, mineral find, etc 
  29. The records of one party member including birth information & past life identities 
  30. Galactic creditor records on the party dating back to the beginning of the campaign with tacked on debts 

Computer Banks Condition  1d10 

  1. Perfect -The computer runs perfectly 
  2. The banks have blown a few chips 
  3. More sand than the Sahara 
  4. Runs but needs lots of parts 
  5. Antique 
  6. Relic with Attitude 
  7. Showroom fresh 
  8. Attic Clean & Fresh 
  9. Ancient & it hates you 
  10. Computer has Alzheimer's 

Alien Computer Technologies Table 1d20 (Roll Twice For Added Weirdness) 
  1. Punch Cards & Steam power 
  2. Tubes & Radio Electronics 
  3. Psionic Crystals 
  4. Elemental Planar Technologies 
  5. Dead Souls Stored In Jars 
  6. Nano machines In Magnetic Bottles 
  7. 1970s Pre personal computers 
  8. Derro Bio Drive Systems 
  9. 1920s electronics technologies 
  10. Pulp tube technologies 
  11. Living souls Stored In Brain Tissue Medium 
  12. Telegraph & Punch Cards With Assembly Lines 
  13. Weird Pan Asian Mechanisms  
  14. Ancient European Technology 
  15. A.I. built by other A.I.s 
  16. Living Heads with bio fluid jars all interconnected to an alien group mind 
  17. Brains In a Jar In A Psionic Circuit 
  18. Bio mechanical Humanoids Frozen In Time 
  19. Linked Holographic Displays Created By A.I. 
  20. Block After Block of Electronics strangely humming away 

A.I. Reactions 1d10 
  1. Deranged but friendly 
  2. Pick the male or female character with the highest charisma - This is your new girl or boy friend 
  3. It like you, I mean really really likes you in a creepy way 
  4. Your its new daddy 
  5. Normal 
  6. Abby normal 
  7. New York Attitude 
  8. Totally Insane 
  9. Switches sexes & personalities every 8 minutes 
  10. Begins to mimic a PC & doesn't stop 


  1. This is a major start on something I think we need much more of. And your output fries my circuits.

  2. Thanks for the comment Porky! I think that there are few games that could benefit from this type of table!

  3. Nice stuff. I like the little easter eggs and references.

  4. Thanks Trey! There will be more to come! Thanks for the comments!


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