Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Super Science Power - Hand of Order

 Hand of Order 
5th Level Super Science Power

The user of this super science power has their hands surrounded by the crackling corona of the algorithmic energies of order. The person knows perfectly where to strike for maximum damage with hand to hand attacks as their mind works far faster then the physical body moves. They gain +1 to all physical attacks. A zen song is telepathic broad cast around them as the power is in operation. In addition against planar creatures of madness & misrule they gain +2 to all damage.
The use of this power is taxing on the physical body however & it may only be used 6 times per day. The number 6 is sacred to the Lords of Law. Those using this ability will find it has an additional small side effect, any blemishes, rips in clothing, mechanical imperfects, etc. are corrected each time this super science power is used.
 Many astronaut cults practice a variation of this power but it all flows from the planes of order. Those who seek the perfection of law may come under its fanatical sway & become sucked into the seduction of perfection. Those who know of this temptation use this power sparingly. 

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