Sunday, September 4, 2011

Johnny Quest Sunday - Stop Motion Opening Titles & More

Jonny Quest Opening Titles from Roger D. Evans on Vimeo.

 So everyone is blogging about the above title sequence & rightly so because its awesome! There was however another program that really really went in depth on Jonny Quest.

This is a 28 part fan made documentary that goes into everything about the making of the Quest empire! Seriously its that in depth made by fans for fans. While Jonny Quest was of its time there's nothing like it on television or the internet now. The simple fact is that the spirit of exploration, adventure, etc has sort of gone out of the world. Any how feast your eyes to this great piece of  Quest fandom!


  1. Venture Brothers is worth a look, but even then, Johnny Quest remains an amazingly cool program that really got it right. Maybe it's a good thing it hasn't been remade into a schlocky campy mess with Will Ferrell or whomever...

  2. Venture Brothers is a favorite of mine! I'm glad they haven't remade Jonny Quest remade it into a campy schlocky mess. Don't get me started with Land of The Lost & Will Ferrell!

  3. Thanks for the comments there's more to come!


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