Sunday, September 11, 2011

Actual Play Saturday - A Good Knight To Remember

Several players are missing from this photo including me! 
So tonight's actual play went really well as the other half got to play our special guest Irving The Shaggoth who was the body guard of our Npc lady knight. Things got off the a roll as the players went back to the ship yard to pick up their fighter who had finished hunting the bounty hunters. The last one had her mind copied to a bio drive.
The real fun began when the knight's retinue was teleported aboard the player's new asteroid ship & among them was Irving. The players actually had no idea what species he was. Reaction went from Chaos spawn to space amoeba but none of them was correct. Irving's secret identity was safe.
On the way back the asteroid ship ran into some Desert Hawks hanging out in hyperspace
The asteroid ship docked with the knight's ship & the entire party came aboard as the business arrangements of marriage were discussed. The details of linage & finances seemed to be on the players mind. All of this was interrupted when the desert hawks closed. There were six in total.
Irving took a space walk & tore open one of the ships with a great roll. Brains were absorbed & super science powers were gained at least for this game!
The rest of the players were surprised about the fact that a short while later a few of the desert hawks turned tale & ran after seeing a young shaggoth ripping into the cockpit of a fighter. The cloned warriors belonged to the "evil" branch of the spocery guild that had been causing trouble right from the get go.
The rest of the party decided to high tale it back through hyperspace to the ship yards. Six rolls later the group was back at the yard.
There were no signals coming from the yard at all!
The hyperspace control tower gave several several strange signals. A few intelligence rolls later it was determined that someone other then the usual mining guilds & concerns were in charge of the yard's station!
A deep scan revealed 6 pirate corvettes were docked! The asteroid let loose with weapons blazing! An unlucky roll only knocked out the psychic shields of the corvettes. The main astronaut simply teleported down as Irving teleported down to the surface as well.
I know your wondering why a shaggoth is serving as a body guard to a lady knight? Well because part of becoming a knight is subduing a "monster" make no mistake Irving is a monster. The whole deal with the marriage bit is because she needs a husband to keep her lands. The husband must prove his worth. The ship's astronaut slash pilot has ship, reputation, position, etc. Her ladyship has  title, lands, etc. The player is still hesitating about the deal. It would benefit him greatly however. More on that later.  He still has to prove his worth to her sisters but that's another story! 
 The party tracked the renegade sporcery guild members to the tower. There were a few fighters being refueled & hyperspace jump parts being changed.

The astronaut killed a guard who erupted into a shower of exploding acid spores & things really were not good at this point. There was something floating in the air. The players accept Irving were wearing space suits & were dismayed to discover that there were strange brown powder floating in the air!
The party needed to clear out a bunch of strange  fungus spores from the air. A single torpedo opened a crack in the dome & all of the spores were sucked out along with several vehicles.
The astronaut waited till the entire dome sealed again & then blew up the fuel vehicle & started a huge fire that  acted as a giant blow torch except it never touched the tower.  There was a strange shimmering in the air surrounding the tower. A master spocery psyche was in that tower & had erected a telekinetic screen around the whole tower. After a few attempts a natural 20 was rolled & the tower finally came down.
30 or so people exited the building & ran for the hills including a strange man in space armor. The man couldn't run to save his life. A stray z ray shot took him down. He was identfied an old warrior dressed in antique armor. He had an injured leg with a pressure bandage around his leg & was knocked cold by the z ray shot. They identified him as belonging to the House of Norstrom but what had happened?

Irving climbed the flight of stairs into the control tower only to be greeted by the site of a man with mushrooms growing from his head sitting in a "sorcerers' ring" in the center of the tower. Irving grew tentacles & reached for him only to come square against a psychic wall of force! The man sat chanting & absorbed in a mental trace! It took over 5 rounds before Irving was finally able to get through & ate him!  For a few rounds Irving had access to the psyche's super science powers & teleported as the tower collapsed! 
Meanwhile after 6 shots the players were able to destroy a corvette with a natural 20 the others closed ranks & covered each other with a much more intense telekinesis shield. There were reports of something coming in from deep space over the asteroid ship's deep range sensors!  Pirate Destoryers allied with the renegades were incoming! The asteroid ship lifted off & began making for the far side of the a nearby moon as the party made its way to the Nordstrom Guild hall. They were confronted by Spocery Guild guards! Irving made quick work of them as the rest of the party did mop up duty. Then they were confronted by the Spocery's Guild's fungus demons! Here's where we stopped!
Why has the ship yard fallen? Who has control of the house of Norstrom? What about the other guild members? Will Irving still be friendly next week? Stay tuned!

Spocery's Guild's Fungus Demons

No. Enc.: 1-4
Alignment: Inimical
Move: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 10
Attacks: 2 or 3 (see below)
Damage: 2-12
Morale: 12

The master guardians of the renegade Sporcery Guild Masters these terrifying guardians are harvested from the backs of the Outer Gods  of the Outer Darkness. These monsters are half formed parasites on the gods backs waiting to be summoned forth. They are over 10 foot tall & attack with wicked fungal claws & a bio acid that directly attacks the victim's mind & heart. Every 3 turns they may breath out a 20 foot cloud flesh eating spores that do 1d8 points of damage to any organic material! 


  1. Sounds exactly like a gonza science fantasy adventure distillation of your blog. :)

  2. Did we mention its a shaggoth? None of the other players caught on.. yet!?
    Thanks Trey!


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