Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Thanderalrnch - The Dreaming Beasts Of S'phanac


No. Enc.: 1d6
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d4 (plus special)

Within the angles of hyper spacial reality there exists a realm where thought & dream are joined in the timeless void. These float within that moment of foamy existence. The Thanderalrnch are a thought virus that is attracted to the power of  super science abilities. The virus is perhaps the lost part of some Great Old One or Outer God now stretched & destroyed along the lateral axis of pure hyper dimensional reality.
The virus will infect the mind of anyone whose ship's screens aren't attuned to these monstrosities & other vermin. The infected will have many random thoughts not of their own. Only a costly treatment will rid one of these strange creatures available in the very best space ports & medical facilities. Expect to pay in thousands of credits to be rid of this virus of stray thought & rotten creativity.
 Random symptoms chart roll 1d10 

  1. Precognition of Murder - All around you each person's thoughts seem to overbleed your own yet twisted with thoughts of pure malice & aggregation. A save vs poison must be rolled or you will be overcome with a murderous rage or sheer beserk towards your nearest & dearest. Last 1d4 rounds only to repeat every 10 rounds 
  2. Evil Incarnate - The person is able to make out auras around people but only if their sick & deathly ill. They see all of the evil they have done within their lives as flashes of insight broadcast straight at the infected. They must make an intelligence roll every 4 rounds to know exactly whats happening only to have it happen again. 
  3. The Shakes - This psionic condition occurs as a player comes in contact with others. They shake uncontrollably as the thoughts of others cause them to have a strange shaking of the limbs & a slight foaming of the mouth. Save verus poison will avert the condition for a time (1d4 rounds) 
  4. Taken For A Ride - The infected finds themselves outside of their own bodies astrally floating in space off  to the left as the body stands & drools slightly. The player must fight his own body's astral defenses to get back into sink with his body. 
  5. That's Not Me. Each action taken by the person feels as if its being done by someone else, It feels as if someone is watch just over their shoulder. The truth is that they sometimes are! There are often planar ghosts just itching to get back at the living.  Super science powers may get rid of it, For a time that is
  6. Crazy Numbers - The infected feel that each & every number they see has a special significance & meaning. They must make a save versus disease or poison or be reducing to a quivering mass of social jelly in 1d4 hours 
  7. You've Not Seen Nothing  - The infected can see invisible monsters around everyone. The monsters exist on another vibrational calibration entirely but are quite real to the infected., There is a 20 % that a person who sees these creatures will be subject to fear as per the ability. 
  8. Jinks The Clown Condition - The infected thinks their the life of the party & begins to tell random people the most off color jokes possible. The jokes often don't make sense & yet there is a chance that it might have some twisted insight into a future event. The infected has 10% chance of stumbling upon some secret or possible tid bit of hidden information. Each day the infected must make a Constitution roll or be subject to this condition for the day. 
  9. Planar Depression - Each time the ship enters hyper dimensional the person is subject to a crushing depression causing a -1 on all rolls. The depression passes at the beginning of another new world. There are those who believe that this condition is actually a bi-product of the original intent of this creature a bio weapon 
  10. Planar Teleportation - The infected is yanked in & out of time randomly across the person's life. The person might also appear sometime in the party's past. There's no telling where or when the infected might pop up. 

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