Monday, September 19, 2011

Super Science Devices From The Edge of Madness

The Melorix Device - A modified Three Light Planar Drive, grab the handle & watch your life tick away. The device opens to the same destination in the Outer Darkness every time. Abosil waits for the person, the Outer God consumes the life force & transforms the person into a form more in tune with itself. The transformed is carried off for some unknown purposes.

The Healing Baubles of Kerrn - These items may be used on a terminal disease or condition of any type & will heal the damage. The next person to use the baubles will receive the same condition or disease magnified by  the order of ten. How & why is unknown, yet it performs the same every time


The Blue Flower of Ozia - Simply a beautiful flower with a high planar signature. This flower is actually a micro planar gateway to The Blue Curtain. A universe of horror & ultimate depravity. Ozia was a traveler from another universe who gave her life to lock this universe away. 

The Forbidden Device- A device which locks the victim into an obsessive cycle of trying to solve a device that simply modifies itself when the victim isn't looking. Victims have been known to starve to death. 

The Human Cage - A perfect experimenter's cage which will provide for the target's every whim. & want. The victim is locked in until a scientist picks another to take his place. This device has been abandon by its alien creators or has it ?

The Hands Of Fate - A simple mail glove which will point to a place where fate may be altered. The altering of fate will create a an alternative timeline. This timeline may be glimpsed by a user moments before the chose is made. The decision must be made & of course you must know what will happen. So another decision must be made ad infinity. The other glove is missing & hasn't been seen for centuries

Most of the objects in question are supposedly rumored to be in the Un Department Store but those rumors very. Happy Hunting ! 


  1. Your ability to wring something interesting form random pictures never ceases to amaze me!

    Must the bulbs of Kerrn be squeezed or do they do what they need to do with it?

  2. Bulbs of Kerrn - Are the desiccated plasized remains of the inhabitants of Kerrn 4 created by an alien necromancer so they pretty much know what to do.
    Thanks my other half thinks I'm quite random at that! ;)
    There will be more!


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