Thursday, September 8, 2011

Human Space Empire Hybrid

Well first welcome aboard Mr. Forester ! I mostly use Human Space Empires which can be downloaded Here
There's also the technical manual that I love Tech manual
The best resource is the creator's blog.
Yet more stuff Resources
Netherworks has possibly some of the most creative stuff you'll find like this one Netherworks
Oh & of course Empire of the Petal Throne
Now to fill in some of the holes for long term campaigning I use the following
Mutant Future & Labyrinth Lord
Planet Algol  Has some terrifically twisted stuff!
No school Like The Old School  Also great stuff
For more Empire of The Petal Throne
Some of the most twisted community projects from Gorgon Milk
Items That Are Too Cool To Pass up
 As well as Star Frontiers
I've also used a ton of  Terminal Space in there at times Terminal Space
Herculoids herculoids/
The Savage Afterworld The Thunndar Sourcebook
Hill Cantons
If I've missed anyone my apologizes.


  1. Thanks! I thought it was a heady mix of stuff. I shall have a browse through the delightful links :)

  2. I miss the Drune, he needs to stop digging and come help us make more Frankenstein games.

  3. I'm amazed at all the crazy stuff you've come up with Needles.

    I'm gradually overcoming the issues that have reduced by blogging time to zero in the last month or so.

    @ckutalik: I agree! I have been ridiculously busy doing some pretty interesting archeology. Hoping to be contributing something again soon and getting the game development back on track.

  4. I keep on cranking folks as long as you keep on looking in.
    Drune - You need to get back to the game when you can. This is your show after all,man but take care of what you need to. Quality over quantity man. As long as you & the family are good. Thanks for letting us know that everything is good! :)

  5. Thank you for including us in this excellent listing!

    Now that the Drune is back we're hoping to get more stuff out for Human Space Empires soon.

  6. I'm looking forward to it. I've got some weird stuff in the works coming up. Stay tuned!


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