Sunday, September 4, 2011

Human Space Empire Encounter Table -The Halls Of Power D30

D30 Encounters Within The Emperor's Court & Halls 

  1. Shape Shifting Assassins 
  2. Archaeologist looking for backing for a risky expedition for a dig on an alien desert 
  3. Bounty Hunter looking to collect on a royal bounty 
  4. The latest military hero waiting for a metal 
  5. A failed general of a fringe military campaign that went wrong. You might be drafted into his staff 
  6. Astronaut cult leader looking for an audience with the emperor. He wants to talk about a terrible evil out on the Fringe 
  7. Head of the Secret Police waiting to make his report. He's eyeing you 
  8. A staff of generals talking about a pocket of rebels. Roll 1d4 on a high result its one of the party's home world 
  9. The head of the psionic witch's sister hood is looking for some one & about make a report. You look suspicious
  10. A young duke looking to make a name for himself is looking for adventurers 
  11. The head of a disgraced family is looking to clear her family's name. Could you help? 
  12. Alien ambassadors are arguing among themselves & somehow get your party involved! 
  13. A military weapons designer looking for funding & volunteers is making his way towards your party 
  14. A royal concubine is looking for adventurers for a secret mission 
  15. The head of the royal college wants to explain his latest findings 
  16. An escaped monster from the royal zoo is making its way down the hallway 
  17. The emperor's physician is fretting over an undead outbreak near palace city 
  18. The head of special services needs some exotic materials for a group of visiting intergalactic royals 
  19. The head of the android & robotic unions is here to see the emperor's court (he's actually carrying a bomb) 
  20. The Head of the Science Department needs some brave souls for a hyper space expedition
  21. The Heads of the Royal Budgeting department are trying to figure out how to explain the loss of planet buster bomb or 1d8 
  22. High Level Adventurers are looking for some investors for the ground floor of a business opportunity 
  23. The Great Explorer K'Errr is back & is looking for recruits for his latest venture 
  24. Royal Tax men are in need pf special agents for a foreclosure mission 
  25. The Head of Special Exploration Services is firing a pilot & looking to hire new ones.. NOW! 
  26. Rebellion Heads are looking for collaborators
  27. The Royal Charity Works is looking for a party to help them recover a vast donation that was stolen 
  28. A cosmic knight back from quest is about to report about a grave evil & needs help 
  29. The Royal Jester who is actually the the head of one of the most infamous spy networks has noticed you & wants to talk 
  30. The Emperor's son likes you or doesn't  
The Encounter's Reaction Table Roll 1d10 
  1. You are beneath contempt but I can use you 
  2. Are you serious 
  3. Who the hell are you anyway 
  4. Guards this man is bothering me 
  5. Your just what I'm looking for 
  6. Who keeps letting this riff raff in 
  7. You will be my bitch 
  8. Say I could use a man like you 
  9. What did you say your name was again 
  10. Call me, come with me... Now! 


  1. Nice and evocative list. Fodder for a lot of adventures here!

  2. Its always roll a D30 & watch the awesome happen! Thanks for the comment Trey! There's more to come!


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