Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Super Science Power - Humanoid Robotic Form

 Humanoid Robotic Form
Level 5 Super Science Power

This power taps directly into the power of the Greater Machine Plane Algorithm bringing the person using it into perfectly ordered harmony & virtue. Their physical form is replaced by one of mechanical perfection & pure logical form. This form is mechanically sound & all biological functions are replaced with androidic features. They do not have to fear vacuum, loss of food, breathing all bodily functions are suspended for the duration of this power. The Greater Logical powers now have sway over the duration that this form lasts however  as long as it is within their program the player may assume this form for 1d10 rounds at a time. This power may be used 6 times per day. Using it more may have the Lords take a far greater interest in the person. They make make this form permanent however. The person will be converted into an unfeeling orderly monster who lust for bureaucracy & order may just require the removal of the fleshy parasites inhabiting the tidy universe around them. 
 Higher levels of this ability may allow one to mimic certain robotic functions & abilities. This will be covered in future entries.


  1. But as an android can they ;)

    I also should note that this post intriquing implies that there's not only a Machine Plane but a Greater Machine Plane--or maybe its the algorithm that's greater? I kinda prefer the first interpretation. :)

  2. There is a Greater Machine Plane! There is also a Lesser One as well! They might not even be able to understand love at all as their mind buzzes with pure reason!
    Thanks for the comments there will be more demented stuff coming up! As always stay tuned!


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