Monday, September 12, 2011

LV-439 A Planetoid Of Horror !

Out in the depths of space is LV-439 is a million year old planetoid, a very old system that very few would suspect. It is one of the ancient battle grounds between Atlans & Derros. The surface is littered with the covered over metallic remains of thousands of star ships. The devastated remains of the Atlan fleet.
Few suspect that within a mountain bunker there lies a secret that few suspect is still active. There have been 4 surveys by the the Academy of Science all efforts have been doomed to failure & chalked up to death by miss adventure. You see the derro are alive & active on LV -439 & their hungry.

In the mountains of  439 there are a series of massive tunnels hollowed out of the planetoid itself. Surveys revealed the following levels.

  1. Hanger Open -   Weathered Saucers, very pitted & beaten from acid rains
  2. Headquarters - Massive computer center & bio drive banks. The banks have been repaired using converted corpses of past expedition members to shore up the ancient bio drive systems  
  3. Atlan domes now in ruins 
  4. Biological weapons division  labs - some monsters still present. 
  5. Atlan Labs - has seen some of the fiercest fighting 
  6. Derro hives -Derro warriors in sleep chambers & cryo sleep 
  7. Alien Environment bio dome 
  8. Storage Facility- Saucers, skimmers, & parts 
  9. Battleground level - Killer robots, Atlan & Derro undead 
  10. Atlan Telepathic Bank - Cerebral Parasites 
  11. Atlan Biological Material/Sperm bank - Vault Sealed Tight 
  12. Forbidden Planet Style Center Of The Planetoid Fusion Reactors - Surrounded by Alien Style Warriors  
LV - 439 is surrounded by a cornea of psionic energy released by the weapons of the Atlans & the Derro conflict that howls under the alien moons themselves & orbits the planet. Here's a 1d10 Table of  this sentient storm!
Psionic Storm 1d10   Effects last 1d6 rounds 

  1. The storm howls with the names of your crew & friends 
  2. The psionic ghosts of friends & family visit & haunt you 
  3. A multi colored energy storm surrounds your ship & makes all rolls involving Dex at a -2 
  4. Extra planar monsters come from the storm & howl for your party's blood
  5. You become disoriented &  the party begins to speak in separate ancient tongues 
  6. The entire party changes race & sex 
  7. Everyone is turned inside out with no ill effects on living except for -4 on all charisma rolls 
  8. Warrior phantoms of some extinct race appear & wish your blood on their weapons 
  9. The ship's drive is replaced with a biological reactor instead 
  10. The ship or crew become lost to hyper space 
Random LV 439  Encounters 1d10  Roll 1d6 For # Appearing 

  1. The Stitchers of Arercka

  2. Oblivion's Children

  3. The Mme'lzharu

  4. Space Fleas !

  5. The U'ggggn

  6. The Othmmagoro

  7. The Brood of Githonus

  8. Primordial Rending Terrors

  9. The Spacer's Bane - The Haunting Worms Of The Dreaming Goddess

  10. Artulavakairon The Gloomburn

    The weather if the planetoid is a constant of storms, gloom, & the occasional methane storm. Yet the biggest obstacle is the derro themselves who well up & surround their prey once night comes. LV-439 remains one of the most dangerous places in the universe.  


  1. Good stuff! I particularly like the Forbidden Planet nod and the acid ray-pitted saucers.

  2. Fun stuff! Great to see another Forbidden Planet mention and now with 78% more Derro & Atlans. The psionic storms are especially nasty...ouch!

  3. Thanks guys there's more to come!
    Now with 70% more Derro & Atlans in upcoming posts! Stay tuned!


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