Friday, September 9, 2011

D30 Intergalactic Space Port Lost & Found Random Table

D30 Intergalactic Space Port Lost & Found Random Table 

  1. Inter dimensional Bus Pass 
  2. Stunner 30 charges 
  3. Passage On the Luxury Space Liner -The Princess Joanna 
  4. Robotic Cat - Actually Robotic Spy 
  5. Jewelry Box -Psi crystal rings & bangles 
  6. Watch Sized computer with bio drive system 
  7. Security bot -Head only whispers to itself & complains 
  8. Crystal Skull (active) 
  9. Electronic Pass Keys -Various sizes & styles 
  10. Chaos Sword -Collector's item 
  11. Alien Drive System 
  12. Portable Holographic Chess set  
  13. Collection of black powder weapons various cultures & styles 18 pieces 
  14. Nuclear mini accelerator 
  15. Cosmic Etch A Sketch with half formed universe on it 
  16. White hole generator 
  17. Alternative universe generator (low power) 
  18. Skele-bot half assembled with box of parts 
  19. Alien juke box - Galliferyian show tunes (50 tunes) (slows time by 1d4 turns when played) 
  20. Box of strange joke cigars - various colors & random effects 
  21. A Single Shiny Red Button with a fancy box 
  22. Box of Alien Sex Toys (Very Dangerous) 
  23. Box of odd Chalks -Creates Alternative Time Lines 
  24. I Orchestra -1 cm size with alien insect musicians micro scopic sized 
  25. Red flashing light laser 
  26. Cosmic whoopy cushion 
  27. A joke z ray toy pistol (real) 
  28. A  Gender switch machine 
  29. A Talky Toaster Unit Resembled 
  30. A box with several un opened other boxes inside 


  1. Nice. I wonder what Gallifreyian show tunes sound like. A bit like the old intro to Dr. Who perhaps? ;)

  2. Thanks & I do believe that those are 45 long rpms at that Trey! More to come!


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