Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Forgotten Classic - The Fighting Devil Dogs

Another Forgotten Classic 

The Fighting Devil Dogs is one of the most overlooked Republic Serials ever. The plot is wafer thin but there's something about the fact that its got pretty much everything you'd want from a 12 chapter serial. Here's the plot : The Masked Mystery Villain, The Lightning, seeks to conquer the world with his arsenal of advanced electrical weaponry. Opposing him are two Marines, Lt Tom Grayson and Lt Frank Corby. Lt Grayson has a special reason to defeat The Lightning as he killed his father, but first they must discover The Lightning's true identity.
 Yup that's it & yet it has a flying wing, a villain upon whom George Lucas based Darth Vader, one hell of a sound track, cool pulpy gadgets, & very neat editing to boot! 

Every villain needs a flying wing ! 

I'm sorry young lady but I don't recall there being any heroes here to help you 


  1. I wonder if its obscurity is because it's not in the public domain?

  2. Well I took down the first episode in case I wandered into copy right violation turf.


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