Saturday, September 24, 2011

LV -745 The World Of Storms

There are worlds where mankind wasn't meant to go. Yet they constantly search for another world, & come up with yet another place of horror. LV-745 is one such place a swirling maelstrom of storms & raging weather. 
Yet the place is full of some of the most valuable mineral finds. 
Strange twisted formations of ore & rock simply waiting for the right prospector or so it would seem. 
This is a place where horror lives. 
A Place Of Horror 
The planet is one of raging storms. Storms of nanite dissembler roaring through the air ready to turn anyone into pulp & worse. 
There have been over 43 separate expeditions to the world by the forces of the science institute. Each one encountered the nanites & far worse left behind. 
The world it seems suffered the gray goo situation eons ago but the inhabitants were left behind as body less undead. Monsters waiting, patiently for the right moment to strike. 
Abandon Places 

Scattered across the surface of  the planet are city after city abandon & waiting with many valuable treasures simply waiting for the adventous & the foolish. 
1d10 Table of Undead  roll 1d6 for #
  1. Ghosts 
  2. Wraiths 
  3. Radioactive Phantoms 
  4. Spectres
  5. Gaseous Demon 
  6. Formless Weeping Blobs 
  7. Boneless Zombies
  8. Planar Demons Of Death 
  9. Crying Ghasts 
  10. Boneless Repeaters 

Each Nanite storm stretches for 1d4 miles & does 1d6 points of damage per round to those exposed to it. Force fields & Super Science Powers will keep the storms at bay for awhile. The nanites don't bother the undead as they don't register upon the monsters sensors! 

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