Friday, September 30, 2011

X Plorers Box Set Review !

I've been slowly reading the old school goodness that is the X -Plorers box set. The artwork is very cool right off the bat & lets take this from the top shall we!
Info from BHP site on the Limited Boxed Set (200 count):
  • 6″ x 9″ Game Box (This is an actual game box manufactured for just this purpose and both the top and the bottom are tight-wrapped) hand numbered from 1-200 by the head halfling himself! The packaging on the game was very tight & it's cool that everything I need to play a game of X Plorers is right in one box. I do mean everything. Its tight not tightly packed in there so that you guides & stuff are swooshed. It all right at the the dungeon master's finger tips. 
  • The game looks old school, as if it came out of a time capsule from the early 80s. This is a good thing
  • The presentation is elegance & class as a throw back to when gaming was simple, cool, & fun. 
  • 2  Rule Booklets (Player’s Guide and Referee’s Guide)
    Player's Guide does an excellent no non-sense job of presenting the character generation system & giving all of the options for PC classes right there. The soldier, the scout, the scientist, & the technician. Since this is a D20 based system everything is straight forward. Referee’s Guide This everything you need to run X -Plorers under one cover literally. From the encounters, maps out the Dungeon Masters job, to the game's monsters, everything including optional rules systems are right at your finger tips! 
  • This is an exciting product in my opinion & one that's needed on the market! This might seem like its a sort of gonzo style game. Its not, its a throw back to a time when gaming was fun as well as interesting & intelligent. 
  • Cleopatra Station Free Adventure- This is a dungeon crawl in space but a dungeon crawl that reminds me of some of the better Metamorphosis Alpha games we've had. The characters are straight up fun. The situation is one that has occurred a thousand times before in other science fiction movies but this is a product that excels at echoing that feeling of grab some popcorn & lets play! The adventure is simple, easy, & balanced! 
  • 3 six-sided and 1 twenty-sided dice-  The dice are cool. They're not Game Science but their very nice dice & again its cool to have everything right at your finger tips. Its all there ready to go right now! 
  • 2 Ship Deck plans of the Serrona Class Scout and the Mastodon Class Freighter- There's a very nice little star ship combat engine inside this game. The system plays smoothly & its well balanced for a minimalist game! Everything is there, the plans are great & provide a dungeon master with some interesting opinions as far as adventuring location, hooks, etc. The maps for detail give just enough to let the eye wander without crowding or cramming every little detail in. System - The system is very tight. Character generation shouldn't take more then 10 minutes to 20 minutes max if you've read the rules. The game shines here too presenting quick & easy options, this is old school gaming at its best. 
    Brave Halfling's Publishing I feel that Brave Halfling has done a kick ass job of putting this game together. The package is worth the money that was spent on it. It was worth the wait. It looks like a fun product & I want to actually play the game & not let it sit on a shelf. The X-Plorers set is worth the entrance price & delivers what it promises on the box !

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  1. Wow, great review Needles! I know John worked very hard to ensure it was a polished product.

  2. Yeah now this may sound odd but for some reason the art work really appealed to me
    I wait a long while to get this but to me it was worth the wait! John & Brave Halfling did a fantastic job!


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