Monday, April 12, 2021

'You've Got Mystara in My Wilderlands' - Weird Tales Judges Guild Wilderlands of High Fantasy- The Havard Blackmoor Option

 All of the following started early this morning with me tooling around the Piazza & talking with fellow DM's about Jeff Grub releasing a sourcebook for Mystara. 

So its been a very busy day here & through it I was able to met with a bunch of my co dungeon masters. And then DM Ricky started in on me about Mystara & using Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg to run the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. Over the weekend I talked about using various OSR  resources to help shore up aspects of the Wilderlands. But DM Ricky feels that Mystara is getting short changed. Well that all changed when we plugged into Google Wilderlands of High Fantasy in Mystara & came across Blackmoor Regional Maps the work of my friend Havard. And this means that the City of the Gods 

This means quite literally that DA3 City of the Gods By David J Ritchie & Dave Arneson could potentially take place on a version of ancient Mystara with City State of The Invincible Overlord around the corner. This has some very disturbing connotations unto itself. Why?! 

This means that the gods themselves if they die in a  Ragnarök  event then they get replaced by the immortals of Mystara in the far future. And it also puts Steven of the Rock's DA2 Temple of the Frog By David J Ritchie & Dave Arneson  within the sphere of influence of Hyperborea. Hyperborea in the past of our games has had a Temple of The Frog. But the temple of the frog  had a far more reaching cult then on Blackmoor. 

The Froggies on Hyperborea were quite literally very well entrenched with their cult. They were one of the leading religions because of the mix of their occult technologies & the favor of Tsathoggua. Saint Steven of the Rock  was manipulating everything behind the scenes through the head of the cult. But is it actually Tsathoggua whose providing the priests their power?! And is there far more to the temples then it seems on Hyperborea? 

This puts the events of the Sea Wolf's Daughter AS&SH adventure into a whole new light?! The entire end point dungeon suddenly takes on a whole new meaning . 

So if the Earth Shaker mecha is found & this further uncovers more secrets of the 
'Legacy of Giants & Amazons'. Then does this put both the Wilderlands & Hyperborea on track for the hypothetic events of Havard's DA10 God War  By David J Ritchie & Dave Arneson?! 

And where does this leave The Egg of Coot?! Could the Egg be a relic from a earlier Law vs Chaos  war or time period?!

Could the Egg itself be a minor Chaos lord from another universe similar to the two divine beings that we saw in Lamentations of the Flame Princess's  
Qelong by Kennith Hite. The implications here are pretty damn staggering in a way?! Where does this leave the legacy of Roghan the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown?! 
This campaign setting would be ancient Blackmoor & possibly not even Mystara in our view at this point. But there's far more to consider here before going forward with this idea especially if the nexus gates of World of the Lost are on the campaign docket. 

And could St. Stephen The Rock keep his hands out of other times & places that the Nexus Gate ways of such a campaign offer??! Going back to game sessions in 2018?! Umm no he did not at all. 
But that's a blog post for another time. You can find Harvard Blackmoor's blog here. 

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