Sunday, April 18, 2021

Rifts Manhunter MUTT Powered Armor Coverted To Cepheus Atom & Cepheus Modern

Military Universal Tactical Team Armor is one of the mainstays of the space ways of the manhunter universe. The MUTT power armor's operators have found themselves scattered across the multiverse. The power  armor is very dangerous, highly reliable, & able to be used across multiple enviroments while offering the maxinum protection to its its pilot. MUTT Power Armor Coverted To Cepheus Atom

Mutt powdered battle armor pilots are often veterans from the Manhunter universe that have mustered out and given a slot of one of there power armors as retirement policy artifacts. Mutt powdered battle armor pilots are often taken on mercenary or bounty hunter crews for dealing with both civilan lower order battle dress & military security or police robots. 


2 IPX Heavy Ion Blaster 4D (Auto) damage (Range of 300/6000)
1 NPX Light Ion Blaster 2D damage (Range of 300/6000)
2 Medium Range Missile Launchers 5D (Auto) damage (Range of 300/6000)
• Protection 14
• Integrated gas mask, communicator, 
   night-vision goggles, and rad suit
• No heavy armor penalty
• Flying speed of 30m per combat round

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