Saturday, April 17, 2021

Some OSR Commentary On The Legacy of 50 years of Dave Arneson's First Blackmoor Game Session

Today was one of those days were we were very busy at the shop & didn't have a huge amount of time to get a secondary blog post up. And then family stuff came up. In the evening tonight we got together to game. But all day at the back of my mind has been the legacy of  50 years of  Dave Arneson's first  Blackmoor game session.  Based on me  quickly zipping around Havard Blackmoor's blog today . 

What has Dave Arneson meant to me as a dungeon master?! Where to begin? Everything begins at the beginning or with the toss of some dice to create a party of characters for players. Thoughts turn to Judges Guilds First Fantasy campaign by Dave Arneson.  And I get this weird feeling reading through the book. This happens 
every time Judges Guilds First Fantasy Campaign's pages cycle through my hands for the billionth time. Why?! The impact of Dave Arneson & his players explorations through the lands of  Blackmoor. 

The mysteries of Castle Blackmoor & what seems like Mr. Arneson's spirit reaching across time to talk to me through the words of the First Fantasy campaign.  There's no hero worship here but the simple act of one gamer talking to another about their campaigns on an elemental level. Dave Arneson seems to have that quality in direct contrast to Gygax. This isn't a condemnation of Mr. Gygax nor his legacy. Reading through The First Fantasy Campaign is like reading through Arneson's campaign notes. And its insightful. And the thing about a read through of The First Fantasy Campaign is that reads both like a war game & a campaign of 0 e edition of Dungeons & Dragons. And this is essentially because its the bed rock of what we call campaign settings for Dungeons & Dragons. Somehow to me everyday is Dave Arneson day. Just the fact that everytime I see Dave Arneson's name there's this thought in the back of my head that says Blackmoor. Why?! Today's date, " Today, April 17th 2021 marks the 50 year anniversary of the first official Blackmoor Game session"
Did those folks who went to that game of "BRAUNSTEIN"  in 1971  have any idea what kind of history they were making with Dave Arneson?! Now yes back then it was going to be fun evening & we as players & DM's are all the richer for their contribution to our hobby. 

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