Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Heroes of Wargaming Games Workshop & Empire of the Petal Throne rpg - A Fast & Dirty Observation

 Going all of the way back to Eighty Six, I busted out 'Heroes For Wargaming' a criminally underrated Games Workshop book. Back when the hobby was in its mid TSR classic period my uncle spotted this book on a local book shop. The DakDakDak site describes Heroes For Wargaming thus" An early publication, featuring instructions on how to paint miniatures for role-playing games, and the background of the creative process for making them. All paintings, figures and games are the property of Games Workshop Ltd, 1986. Front cover art by Melvyn Grant." 

Well yes & no folks, 'Heroes For Wargames' is one of those reference books that contains a ton of information about early Games Workshop mini's & behind the scenes stuff. In addition it contains some pretty damn interesting insights into the painting methods & what not of early GW. I'm talking about one of the best sources for John Blanche's take on the Slann. 

For me as a kid 'Heroes of Wargaming' was worth it for the artwork alone especially the peek behind the curtain. 'The Demon Frogmen & Human Slave Warrior art reminded me of Empire of the Petal Throne rpg 's enemies of mankind frogmen  vibe. Is this an accusation?! Um no, but early GW stole from everyone in the words of Michael Moorcock. 

This type of thing goes on through out 'Hereos of Wargaming' & this is one of the reasons why this book is completely off the radar of most GW fantics. The book is invaluable to both the GW collector & the Warhammer Fantasy Role playing. And its a great reference book from the mid dawn of both the role playing & the wargaming scene in the U.K. and America. 

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