Thursday, April 15, 2021

Techno Wizard SAMAS Armor For Cepheus Atom & Barbaric!

Created from the wreckage of several SAMAS  armors the techno wizard version of SAMAS armor is a ramped up magical power armor  suited for the wastelands & post apocalyptic landscape of  Cepheus Atom & Barbaric!
A techno wizardry throw of 9+ is needed to draw the powerful occult energies needed to do a complete techno wizardry revamp to create the feared technowizard SAMAS armor. Only the very brazen or foolish ride these occult tech creations into the lands of the Coalition. 

Techno Wizard SAMAS armor 

  • Bolt of Ioan Rail Gun 4D (Auto) damage (Range of 300/6000)
  • • Protection 13 
  • • Integrated gas mask, communicator, 
  •    night-vision goggles, and rad suit now magically enhanced 
  • • No heavy armor penalty
  • • Flying speed of 40m per combat round

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