Sunday, July 4, 2021

The Profane & The Hellish - Elf Lair Games Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg By Jason Vey & Tomothy Brannan Session Report & Monster Workshop

 "Demons feed on innocent souls and obliterate cities. Human victims are possessed, devoured, and damned. Unfortunately, the world's last line of defense is a group of ultra-violent cannibals wielding unholy magic."

This is a follow up to yesterday's blog post on retooling our Veterans of the Supernatural Wars rpg. Today we started discussing 

'Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg' by Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan could have an infernal campaign definited by a band of infernal NPC demonic villains & we've got the perfect OSR  solution. 

Game campaigns are often as good as the enemies that the players are facing & sometimes its all within the enemies. Welcome to the Eighties when the Earth went to Hell & the demonic came home to roast! Now what happens  when the 'Heroes of New England' have the demonic neighbors from across the dimensional dive come to call?! The 'heroes' from one universe could be the demonic evils of another universe! What the Hell are you talking about?! We're talking about using Rafael Chandler 's Demonic Tome 'a pay what you want title'  as the basis for a Horror Pulp style invasion of Hell on Earth. 

How do you describe this one hundred & thirty two page OSR supplement/modernish campaign setting!? Well try & imagine the Bible's Book of Revelation combined with White Wolf's Hunter The Reckoning but with an OSR death metal paint job this is 'The Demonic Tome'! And the weirdly altered demonic adventurers are the perfect NPC villains for a group of 
'Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg' by Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan PC's.  The Earth shudders under the weight of the books of Pandomonium. The doors of Hell have been flung open & only the PC's can save their Earth! The demonic hordes lead by other adventurers come to call. 

There are a few  areas where the invasion could begin San Fanscisco, New York City, The Saint Loius arch, or Los Angeles. These ares are iconic & have urban legend credit when it comes to having gate ways to the bowels of Hell itself. For handling the minor incursions of the diabolic & demonic use the demons & devils from the D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic). This will give the players a touch stone with their old school roots. 

Then unleash the hordes of Hell from Rafael Chandler 's Demonic Tome! This might be a perfect way to have the PC's explore an Earth that literally teiters on the edge of Hell itself. 

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