Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Floating God's Corpse - Using Cepheus Engine Rpg & Stars With Number rpg Together - Session Report #4

 This session report is gonna pick up right where our last session report left off. My PC the hyperspace engineer actually was able to do quite a bit in last  Stars Without Number Revised & Cepheus Engine rpg hybrid  game's session. Its nice to stop being a forever DM for awhile & play in DM Steve's game. Steve has swapped out the Stars Without Number rpg space ship system for Cepheus Engine rpg.  Turn around is fair play though & the closer we got to the space god's corpse the more space warped around us. So in this session we ran straight into the Reticulan guardians of the god's corpse. But that's not the half of the issues we ran into. The Kraken sector  once belonged to the Greys but that's over a hundred years ago game time. But for SWN that's the blink of an eye really. The 'space patrol' contacted our ship about the fact that a TL11 600-TON COBLYNAU-CLASS MINER wreck had jumped in system was blamed on us! The wreck followed on our hyperspace wake riding into the inner system. 

This is where our cleric of Thoth Brother Daniel  & his two assistants(two experts)  came in very handy. Brother Daniel went along w with both the space patrol & the Reticulans. Daniel met with the space patrol & the Grey's mining & trade official. Several rolls later they had hammered out a contract where our party destroyed the wreck & then we got exclusive trade rights to three colonies in system. 
Now the hard part came when my engineer had to figure out where to place the charges. Svusu the Magnificent our space wizard in residence came with us to plant the charges. We flew an engineering gig over to the wreck along with our ship. The whole thing seemed to be going smoothly. We landed without incident & planted the charges. Svusu gave us the optimal placement for the charges! 
And then the DM rolled dice!! The wreck was starting to break apart! And we were still on it! We got the charges planted, but we weren't gonna make it back to our own ship! Svusu the Magnificent  did something incredibly risky & used a teleportation spell to get us back to our own ship! And it worked very well! But he had to make a constitution roll and failed! We had to get him into medical while the rest of us blew the wreck apart! 
And it worked without a hitch! 
We made our way over to one of the local Earth type planets to make sure the wreckage didn't destroy any of the biological holdings of the Reticulans. And that's when DM Steve got us good! The planet was near the corpse of the space god. The planet  was being affected by chaos energies leaking from the corpse of the god. 
This gave DM Steve the perfect opportunity to pull out Adventurer, Conqueror, King rpg 's Book of Lairs! That's right the bastard used one of my own tricks against me. What was done was to use the idea of the monsters of D&D as the harbingers of Chaos itself. This is something that I'd done to DM Steve in the past. 

Planetside we found the corpses of several Reticulans with arrows sticking out of em. Svusu the Magnificent our space wizard is in stasis at the moment recovering from the massive teleportation spell he did. So we got off planet as quickly as we could. Seeing DM Steve's copy of  Book of Lairs made us  very nervous as players. We took one of the Reticulan's corpse's for an autopsy and contacted their representive. 

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