Monday, July 19, 2021

The Declaration Class Enterprise Star Ship Updated For Stars With Number, Cepheus Engine rpg & The Hostile Rpg Setting


The "Other Enterprise" 
A contemporary of the ships  2153  the Declaration series of ion and hyperdrive ships were in service being used by the United Planets to ferry colonists to the Alpha Centuri colonies. The launch  of the NX-01 Enterprise spelled the end of the era for these ships. Even though they were contemporary with the NX-01 Star Fleet began to emerge as a well respected power within the interstellar community. 
These ships were fitted by hyper sleep chambers allowing the crafts to pack quite a few passengers together with little issue. The ships were the product of both Weyland industries technology and the emerging technologies of the United Planets. There were hundreds of these ships made. It is only recently that they have come out of mothballs and been retro fitted with spike drive one thru threes. 
Length: 300 m
Diameter: 210 m
Living Section Width: 28.7 m
Mass: 52.7 million kg
Ship's Complement
Crew and Service Personnel: 100
Passenger Capacity: 850
Standard Ship's Complement: 950
Range: Standard: 350 light-years, Maximum: 1,200 light-years
Cruising Speed: Warp 1.0 following Hyperdrive.
Voyage Duration: Standard: 3 months, Maximum: 2.5 years
Systems Overview
Navigation: Celestial Warp Reader
Communication: Subspace Radio
Recreation: Null-grav gymnasium, 5 dining rooms, 3 theaters, 3 nightclubs, Forward and Rear stellar observatories
Life-Support: Gravity: .2 - 1.2g, Atmosphere: : 20% 02; 11% humidity
Sustenance Duration: Up to 40 years if outfitted for long-duration exploration
Power : 50/1 free
Mass 30/0 
2 multi focal lasers +3 to hit/1d4 AP 20 
Nuclear Interstellar Missiles +3 to hit 3d4+2
Retrofitted Upgrade Arment 
Armament: 2x triple beam lasers, 2x triple particle beams 
Defense : Retrofitted Hardened Poly carbon cermanic Overlay
Hyperdrive , Drop pod, Armory,Ship's Locker, Boarding Tubes, Advanced Nav Computer ( HAL 7000), Fuel Scoops, Extended Life Supports, Extended Sleep pods.
Maneuver Drive E,
Power Plant L,
 Jump Drive L
Thrust: 1 G Jump Rating: 3 Fuel: 384 tons for: 1x Jump 3, 4 weeks endurance; small craft fuel Model/5 computer Highly Advanced Sensors (DM+3) Fittings: 22 staterooms, 20 low berths, 22 escape pods, 29 tons of cargo, 8 Runabouts, , repair drones, fuel scoops, fuel processor (300 tons/day), self-sealing full, stealth Software: Auto-Repair/1, Fire Control/2, Jump Control/3, and Simulated Intelligence/2  Minium Crew: 22 total - Captain, 2 Pilots, Navigator, 3 Engineers, Medic, 2 Gunners, 8 Flight Crew, 3 Runabout Technicians Cost: MCr806; Construction Time: 108 weeks

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