Friday, July 30, 2021

The Nazi Mega Dungeons of Antarctica - The Modern UFO Bases For Cepheus Engine & Your 2D6 OSR Game Campaigns

At its heart Operation High Jump was an attempt to deal with & curtail Bedienung Schrank or Operation Closet.  The Nazi had cut deals with several of the alien races that were operating out of Antarctica.

'The Ice Castle' still sits in the middle of the Anaractic run by the Mi Go & their allies. The place waits with day to day operations run by key Nazi officers brains in jars handling all of the day to day details. The 'Ice Castle' herself has claimed the lives of over 400 hundred operatives & international military over the years. The highly dangerous former salt mine is home to both Earth based Mi Go & necro cybernetic entities that used to be Nazi military. There is also a loyal cadre of Black Sun fifth column  operatives using the 'The Ice Castle' 's underground city as possible launch point for terrorist activity through South America. 

The Ice Castle photos taken during the Occult Wars of 1947 through 1955 

The New Swabia Nazi colony is still there under the ice & has become very active recently with several of  its mecha reaching the shores of both  Australia & several smaller pockets of 2021 civilization. There is some confusion as to the nature of the pilots of these mecha they appear to be some sort of advanced clone or synthetic being. These cybernetic occult  creatures destroy themselves in a weird  display of all consuming  fire. This has left little evidence behind as to the exact nature of these monsters. 
Spy satellites in the area show extensive underground bases & military assets but the nature of the  New Swabia. But whom or what alien or humanoid life form are inhabiting the area is unknown. Only patches such as this one have been found at any of the attacks in recent days. And there  is fear that these attacks could spark a band new spat of a start up of the Occult Wars again among world leaders & U.N. officials. 

New Swabia Nazi Colony Mecha 
275 KG End :15/ Life Blood 40 Armor 15 
Living Brain Cybernetic Life Form Pilot 
Combat 3 Physical 2 Technical 2 
Two Shoulder Mounted Licht der Götter 
Laser Weapons 4d6 Dam Range 20/40 Magazine 20 shots each 
Double Tap, Fire, Laser Weapon 

New Swabia Nazi Colony Mecha capable of operating for 20 hours continuously on spent nuclear fuel cell.  


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