Monday, July 19, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On Gregorius21778: 20 Sacred Sites For the Labyrinth Lord rpg or Your OSR Campaign

20 Sacred Sites is a collection of special locations for high fantasy OSR RPG. They are places of magic or divine grace, and likely to be holy (or at least important) to the people in the area. Others are forgotten (or even shunned) remains of faith that is long past its peak of adherence. All of them offer a benefit to those who visit them, but some do not grant it without a ritual, test or... "

Kai Pütz a.k.a Gregorius21778 created & worked up  Gregorius21778: 20 Sacred Sites for the  Labyrinth Lord rpg or any OSR rpg setting. These  places are basically high end sacred or sites of occult or supernatural influence. There are a wide variety of such magical places that can be added into any existing OSR game. 
 20 Sacred Sites are perfect for any old school or OSR system. They can easily be added into an existing campaign with little effort. But are these sites worth the cost of the download?! In a word yes! These  20 Sacred Sites can be easily added into any old school adventure or system as the resting place for an artifact or high end magic item. These sites are also perfect as the resting place or lair for an avitar of the gods.  
 20 Sacred Sites could be one of many disappeating sites across the world  for the Lamentatiions of the Flame Princess rpg. Or these sites could be used as the holding place for a vital clue for an adventure for Basic or Expert Dungeons & Dragons. 

So 20 Sacred Sites could be used as the central point for a Castles & Crusades rpg campaign. The nature of Castles & Crusades is nicely positioned to use this product as adventure fodder. Each of the  20 Sacred Sites could be used  as an adventure point or  center especially for a campaign junction. These  20 Sacred Sites are great places fo  occult wisdom or even as a great point as the focus for adventure. 
So is  Gregorius21778: 20 Sacred Sites  worth the download?! In a word yes for the .75 cents that it costs for the seven pages of OSR goodness. 

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