Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Picking Your Battle Grounds - The Profane & The Hellish - Elf Lair Games Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg By Jason Vey & Tomothy Brannan Session Report & Monster Workshop Now With More Kasimir Urbanski's "The Invisible College" rpg

" Do not imagine that art or anything else is other than high magic! - is a system of holy hieroglyph. The artist, the initiate, thus frames his mysteries. The rest of the world scoff, or seek to understand, or pretend to understand; some few obtain the truth."

Aleister Crowley

The problem as its been seen by fellow DM's is the fact that we're so eager to believe in world grinding conspiracies these days. Corporations engage in campaigns against their own consumers. Governments hold on to power anyway they can & where does this leave the common man?! With mystery & magick! If you think that our reality is the only one. Think again! This blog post picks right up from our last one here. 

You've got to realize that travelers between planes & dimensions are not going to tell anyone who they are in reality. They get along with their occult assignments & move on. The world's inhabitants are going to turn to the 'subtle sciences' of magick & the occult. Last time we asked the question 
 is there room enough on the table top for both 'Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg' by Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan & Kasimir Urbanski's   "The Invisible College" rpg  at the table top?!  And the answer was yes! 

If your expecting gouts of Hellfire & brimstone those are isolated incidents straight from horror movies & they happen.. And Hell isn't interested in taking apart the status qou. If anything Hell is interested in maintaining our reality as we know it.

This is right in line with the precepts of the definition of Lawful Evil. By its very definition it comes darkly into play; "
Lawful evil is sometimes called "diabolical," because devils are the epitome of lawful evilLawful evil creatures consider their alignment to be the best because it combines honor with a dedicated self-interest. Lawful evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents methodical, intentional, and frequently successful evil." So the traditional definiation of fist edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's alignment stands at least until the trumps blow for Revelation. Let's go straight back into the fact that the things you actually have to watch out for on a street level game are going to be the demons. These things of the Abyss straight out of the D&D Rules cyclopedia are going to be more then a match for the average magus even in the Invisible College  rpg. 

The Abyss operates exactly as Crowley talked about black magick, "Black magic is not a myth. It is a totally unscientific and emotional form of magic, but it does get results — of an extremely temporary nature. " This is the very essence of chaotic evil & Chaos itself. Temporary results or the quick way of power. The convient way of power is the quick path of that power. When power is offered on a plate in unexpected ways humans jump at the chance. They seldom realize where this power originates. So where does using Rafael Chandler 's Demonic Tome 'a pay what you want title'  come into play? It comes into play as these demonic forces begin to invade the PC's life. They bleed into reality from backrooms, the board rooms, & from your neighbors.  The infernal & Abyssial  universe right next door is knocking. And it wants in. 

The only ones who can stop this are going to be those movers & shakers of the 
Kasimir Urbanski's   "The Invisible College" rpg. These magus can & will change the results of a battle field in Eastern Europe, the skyrocketing economy of a first world nation, & cut off the supply of success to Silcon Valley firm. International corporations &  governments have been using these demons & evils as subtle  weapons for decades.  And this weakening of the fabric of reality has been allowing other planes to wash up against our reality all of the time. People can wander into other times & places only to come back changed. This is the origin for some of the PC's in our own campaign version of Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg' by Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan.

These wash overs of other realities happen at the fringes of our own. These create the ruins, dungeons, etc. that PC's are called to. These are places of the otherworldly & places created by the otherworld forces that over arch our plane from elsewhere. If this campaign of thought seems influenced by Michael Moorcock it rightfully is. We'll get into that next time. 

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