Sunday, July 11, 2021

Dragon Bat Adapted From Cabin In The Woods film 2012 for Hostile, Cepheus Atom, & The Cepheus Engine rpg.


The dragon bat species is a monster summoned to our world from another Earth by occult means. The dragon bat is a fierce predator hybtid of dragon & bat as a sorta of sorcerous chimera. Originally created by an alternative Earth order of Aztec sorcerous priest. The dragon bat species is summoned to our time space continuum by a ritual involving blood sacrifice & a relic dragon bat tooth. 

The ritual will summon one dragon bat which must be appeased with the blood sacrifice offering. The creature has an uncanny sense of smell so much so that it is capable of supernaturally tracking a target's scent across hundreds of miles including across worlds. The dragon bat is a complicated & incredbly dangerous predator capable of unhinging its own trilaterial jaw. This enables the supernatural beast to devour prey many times its size. 

Even though dragon bats are ruthless & effienct killers they are also deeply terroritial hunters taking on man sized or larger prey. Their eyesight is supernaturally developed for thier other dimensional planar jungle world. But they have adapted quite well to both temperate & jungle enviroments on Earth quite well. The dragon bat is even capable of operating in the harsh urban environments of Earth as well. 
The dragon bat will track its prey & exacute it as bloodily as well as quickly as possible. Dragon bats are glutons capable of eating two human sized target in one sitting or a larger prey animals easily. Dragon bats have an incredible fondness for severing the limbs of their prey in order to induce the maximum suffering as possible. And the dragon bat will not stop once it has caughr the scent of potential prey especially delicious humans whose scent it has tasted! 

Dragon Bat

# encountered 1d6 
 6/13, Move 10m,  Swim 2 M, Flight 40 M, Armor 2 , Bite (melee 4D damage)  Combat-2, Physical-2, Survival 1, Tracking 3, Gigantism Disease, severs limbs on an unmodified attack throw of 12.  1-in-6 chance of PCs contracting disease if engaged in melee.
Will regenerate as Troll as a supernatural creature of unnatural origin. The species also serves as a carrier for a very nasty version of mummy rot. 

Swarms  of dragon bats will flock together around occult or supernaturally powerful places of evil or power. They are drawn to the unnatural energies of such places especially of the Lovecraftiab gods or places of such weird power belonging to cults. And while dragon bats highly terrortial these instincts are put aside while serving a greater evil. These creatures are highly murderous, evil, & clearly psycohtic. 

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