Thursday, July 8, 2021

Stripe Gremlin Variant Adapted From the Film Gremlins '84 Adapted For Cepheus Engine, Cepheus Atom, & Hostile Rpg Setting


Gremlins are a foul kobold like small humanoid creature created by the mishandling of the Mogwai progenitor animaloid. The Stripe variety of Gremlin is an evil parent species of the monster slightly more intelligent & very cruel. The Stripe Gremlin is distinguished  by the while mohawk hair like crest upon their heads. Any drop of water will create 1d6 more Gremlins from the Stripe projenitor monster. In fact the Stripe's needs & instincts are to seek out the nearest source of water & create more of these little horrors. 

Stripes are smart, cunning, & can be deadly little antagonists. They have an almost supernatural affinity for technology & machinery of all types. With a simple technology roll they can assess, change, rewire, & engineer even a complex machine, mechanism, or piece of technology into a death trap!  Stripe is far stronger, smarter and deadlier then other gremlins. The Stripe variant is one of the first of the gremlins created once a Mogwai is exposed to water. Fortunatetly Stripes are also very vulnernable to sunlight! They will melt into a pile of goo at the first exposure to the deadly rays of the Sun. Despite their size Stripes have painful bite & a nasty claw attack. They can also hurl common house hold items with deadly accuracy such as kitchen knifes, rolling pins, etc. These little monsterous pyschopathic monsters are also capable when the mood strikes them of creating deadly temporary flame throwers, make shift crossbows, & more with a quick technology roll. 

Stripe Gremlin variant 
#Encountered: unique 1d6 Gremlins after exposure to water 

9/18, Move 6m, Armor 4, 2 Claws (melee 1D damage each) or one bite (melee 1D damage)  Combat-2, Physical-1, Survival-2, Technology 4 

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