Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Gamma World 1st Edition & 2nd Edition PDF As Well As Gamma World Memories.

 "Gamma World Science Fantasy Role-Playing Game is a complete adventure game for 2 or more players and a Game Master set against the backdrop of an imaginary future America. 

Based on one of TSR's most popular games, this all new edition includes expanded mutation, equipment and NPC description, rewritten and reorganized basic rules and a full set of previously-unpublished campaign rules.

Inside this box you'll find:
3 Full color Maps
A 64 page Basic Rules Booklet containing everything you need to know to go adventuring in the Gamma World.
A 32 page Adventure Booklet containing a complete adventure to get you started and step-by-step instructions for designing your own adventures and campaigns"

There are times when Wizards of the Coast surprises me & that includes today when I stumbled across Gamma World second edition available on PDF in Drivethrurpg.  My own experiences with Gamma World mirror Mike K on Drivethrurpg; "Despite my flippart remark in the discussions section, Gamma World 2e was arguably the best example of the game. In my opinion and others may disagree. And I'm not expert. Each chapter in the main rule book and adventure book are a clear and concise rewrite from 1st edition.

Robots were clarified and added to, as well as the bestiary section, including illustrations by Elmore.

The leveling up system from 1st edition was scrapped in favor of earning ranks in cryptic alliances and social improvement.

Everything in 2e is backwards compatible with 1e.

And I'll be clear. I'm giving the 2nd edition gamma world rpg overall five stars; while the pdf e copy earns one star." 
This all ties in with my own memories of using Gamma World 1st edition with Gamma World 2nd's box set.  The Gamma World 1st edition's scan is really good. 

I'll be damned if I give any monies in the pot of Wizards of the Coast folks. That being said this is a welcome news for the Gamma World fans out there! The Gamma World 1st edition pdf & print includes both a rule book and the setting. It gives flavor for the setting including cryptic alliances and some light details on world building as well as the history leading up to 2471. This means that the DM can use both 2nd edition & 1st edition together for campaign building. This means that 
Baron Jemmas, Warder of Horn, is gonna be available in the wilds of Gamma Terra as the adventure 'The Legion of Gold' kills off more adventurers & mutants. 

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