Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Arachni-Lobster From 'The Mist' 2007 Adapted For Cepheus Engine, Cepheus Atom, & Hostile Rpg Setting


Existing in the Grey place between dimensions that occasionally comes in contact with the plane prime. The  Arachni-Lobster is a massive two story beast that can tear apart a grown man in seconds. The shroud of huge  teeth that surrounds a massive mouth of sheer deadliliness . But its the Arachni-Lobster's claws that are capable of ripping a full grown human being in half in microseconds. This monster has a shroud of mist or the coying  atmopshere of the plane that these monsters exist on. 

This monster is an eating machine capable of taking on prey animals much larger then itself. The wicked claws of the   Arachni-Lobster are always searching for the next meal. And these monsters love fresh meat.  These breasts use a combination of swift claw attacks, incredibly strong secondary muscles,, & praying mantis like lighning speed,  These monsters are some of the most dangerous of the Mist plane's inhabitants. These monsters  provide a key niche predator within the ecology of the plane 'Between Places'. 
 The   Arachni-Lobster have super charged metabolisms & almost always appear to be hungry. The monster's young are some of the most aggressive creatures of the 'plane between places'. These thobstrocities share the parents appetities & are often found around areas wihere the parent monster hunts. These young share the parent monster's  attack manner & violent hunting tactics. There will be 1d6 Arachni-Lobsters within a hunting terrority usually clustered around nearby ruins or dungeon locations. 
Arachni-Lobster use sound, smell, & an uncanny 'sixth sense' to hunt. They lash out with the force of a monster's claws capable of decaptitating a grown man with little issue. These cunning predators set up shop near ruins, & game trails. They lie in wait for any passing prey & strike with a violence that few can survive. 

The  Arachni-Lobster is beyond dangerous & are always unwittingly unleashed by a wizard or black magick cult. These entities take full advantage to expand upon their mist shrouded domains. At the same time the Arachni-Lobster moves across the planar threshold to expands upon its interdimensiona hunting grounds & seek out new food sources. 

The Arachni Lobster 
# encountered 1d6 

9/18, Move 10m, Armor 7, 2 Claws (melee 3D damage each) or one bite (melee 2D damage)  Combat-3, Physical-3, Survival-2.

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