Thursday, July 15, 2021

Using The Dragon Magazine, Issue 27 - January 1, 1979 For The Cepheus Engine Rpg

 Classic Traveller rpg was right on the border of January 1, 1979. The Dragon magazine issue & this classic issue had a bit of the good stuff in it. And this issue was perfect campaign creation fodder. 

The Dragon Magazine, Issue 27  - January 1, 1979 has three articles that works for the Traveller rpg  that includes the following: 'Tesseracts in Traveller', 'Star System Generation in Traveller' & the 'Expanding Imperium'. Ages ago the Seventies are still echoing ahead of the future into 2021.The  fact is Traveller more of a tool kit in its three little black books. But what a wide open interstellar  tool kit it is!

The fact is that Cepheus Engine rpg brings into focus the fact that its roots are completely classic Traveller. Over the years we've run campaigns but these articles are perfect fodder creating encounters & the 'Tesseracts in Traveller'. The tesseracts are ancient artifacts & relics  that have spread out among the interstellar empires from millions of years ago. 
'Star System Generation in Traveller' is perfect for creating campaigns in Cepheus Engine rpg even with some of the random tables in the rule book. 
'The Expanding Imperium' brings into the focus the fact during the Seventies the setting for Traveller wasn't as well defined as it is now. There was lots of room to continue to advance the interstellar setting. Hell, you could even  include AD&D first edition's Greyhawk within the Imperium if you as DM wanted to. This also means that 'The Expanding Imperium' could be applied even today in Cepheus Engine rpg 

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