Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Retooling & Modifying 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' From One Shot RPG 'Pay What You Want' Adventure For Castles & Crusades rpg Campaigns

In CURSE OF THE AMBER PRINCESS the travel into the Great Desert of Shifting Sands in search of the lost city of Khartopolis. What evil waits for them beneath the dunes? Will they survive?"

In '
Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' six pages David Dudka creates a nice mid point Egyptian themed or lost city adventure perfect as a roll up for a Castles & Crusades campaign. 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess'  is a 'pay what you want' adventure & has a full range of encounters & adventure hooks to get the party of players on board. 

Without giving away too much for 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' the adventure uses two or three traditional adventure introduction hooks. There's some good encounter twists & turns. And just the right amount of suspense. This makes 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess'  this an excellent adventure for Castles & Crusades even though its meant for Math erm Pathfinder rpg. Almost six months ago Castles & Crusades Troll Lords  went through a full on Egyptian style campaign push for the Mythos line. 

Castles & Crusades Codex Egyptium is a solid campaign setting book perfect for dropping 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' into the mix as a possible campaign starter. 

 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' could be used as a mid level & tier adventure a campaign jump off point. The PC's go exploring 'the tomb lands' of your home campaign setting. 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' is a pay what you want adventure everything here is perfect for beginning level PC's but its gonna require a bit of prep work on the DM's part. And there are simply one eneny NPC here but two that could become party NPC enemies that could dog a party in a game campaign for the better part of a year or more. 
'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' be used with say another OSR Sword & Sorcery rpg?! Yes Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea springs to mind immediately. Set 'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' within the 'Diamond Desert' & your ready to go! 
'Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' worth the download & disk space these days?! In a word yes & there are several reasons why: 

  1.  Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess'  is only six pages & will require a little bit of attention for the C&C DM. 
  2. Short adventures mean solid beginning campaign play again laboring this point. But in six pages you get enough to establish a campaign. 
  3. Just enough adventure meat to get started & keep the players coming back to the table. 
  4. Easy to use! Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess'  is a good adventure for the experienced DM. 
  5. Variety of monsters, there are number of very interesting monsters that can be repurposed for other Sword & Sorcery locations so that the DM takes the NPC's from Mini Quest: Curse of the Amber Princess' & repurposes them for other dungons giving campaign consistency. 

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