Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Retooling & Modifying Mini Quest: Madness of the Mouther From One Shot RPG 'Pay What You Want' Adventure For Castles & Crusades rpg Campaigns

In MADNESS OF THE MOUTHER, an unexpected attack at the market leads the characters beneath the city streets. In the hidden halls of an abandoned thieves guild, they find only death and the whispers of madness. What evil waits for them in the shadows? Will the characters survive?"

David Dudka puts out a number of 'pay what you want' adventure  titles that according to One Shot Rpg their mission statement, "This Mini-Quest contains: Madness, Some awesome art, theives, a lot of gibbering, one tough lock, rats, unexpected allies, betrayal, a wickedly sharp spear, cultists, wisdom saving throws, a merchant trying to sell a sword, a sequel." 

Right so Mini Quest: Madness of the Mouther  is a nine page one shot adventure that has all of the adventure  elements of a couple of night's sessions. Starts off with a quick two step to get the party in the middle of the action & then ramps up. There's some good encounter twists & turns. And just the right amount of suspense. This makes this an excellent adventure for Castles & Crusades even though its meant for Math erm Pathfinder rpg. 

Mini Quest: Madness of the Mouther has just enough adventure start & turn style to have solid couple of sessions of play. Because this is a pay what you want adventure everything here is perfect for beginning level PC's but its gonna require a bit of prep work on the DM's part. The usual stuff, rearrangement of encounters, dust up on monsters to C&C equivalents that sort of DMing prep work. 
But is Mini Quest: Madness of the Mouther worth the download?! In a word?! Yes. There are several reasons why: 
  1. Mini Quest: Madness of the Mouther is only nine pages & will require a little bit of attention for the C&C DM. 
  2. Short adventures mean solid beginning campaign play. 
  3. Just enough adventure meat to get started & keep the players coming back to the table. 
  4. Easy to use! Mini Quest: Madness of the Mouther is a good adventure for both 

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