Friday, July 2, 2021

Monster A Go Go - Elf Lair Games Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg By Jason Vey & Tomothy Brannan Session Report & Monster Workshop

"We Are the Night Shift...
We alone stand against the vampires, werewolves, and Things that Go Bump in the Night.
We know the things that prowl the shadows, the monsters that feed on the innocent.
We have seen Something Weird.
We control Something Weird
We create Something Weird.
We study Something Weird.
We are the things that Weird Things fear.
We are the Weird.
We are the Night Shift, and we are all that stands between you and the end of all that you know."

'Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg' by Jason Vey & Timothy Brannan is one of those OSR games that quietly always finds its way back into my hands especially for designing modern OSR adventures. 

DM Steve & myself find ourselves looking at several OSR monster options for our on going campaign. One of those OSR lights that we're currently looking at is Rafael Chandler especially Lusus Naturae & the Chapel Wights who fit the asthetic of the on going campaign. 

The PC's have crossed swords with a butcher priest & things went down hill from there. This week sees the PC's starting in on the dungeon of Ben Laurence's 'Through Ultan's Door' issue number two. The PC's have dealt with the weirdness of the  Dreamlands. 

"Through Ultan's door in this second issue into the Catacombs of the Fleishcguild, a 31 room dungeon for a party of 3-5 characters of 2-3 levels in Advanced Labyrinth Lord or any older edition of D&D. The Catacombs are replete with the fiendish traps of butcher priests, blood demons, muscle jellies, flayed heretics, and much more. This 36 page zine also has articles on house rules for playing in slumberland, on the undead of Wishery, and ib new spells and magic items."

The Fleishcguild, are major NPC faction  within the ongoing campaign. The PC's last week dealt with a traveling saleman NPC being killed by a muscle jelly. And they found Fleishcguild gear within said traveling saleman  NPC's apartment. 

And they found a strange arcane design under the bed of the traveling salesman. This design was a gateway into  the Catacombs of the Fleishcguild. But this section of the Dreamland was a perfect spot to add in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio monsters into the mix. 

This area is full of ruins & underground areas infected with blind helms & worse. The question is while the PC's are dealing with the dungeon could monsters make their way back across the planar threshold? Ancient OSR theorists say yes! 

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