Monday, November 16, 2015

Review & Commentary The 'Pay What You'd Like' OSR Pulp Adventure - The Paranoia Pit From Griffon Publishing Studio For Your Old School Campaigns

I love Twenties thru Fifties perhaps into Sixties  pulp role playing and its my second love right after DYI D&D. For this set up I highly suggest that you visit David Bay Miller's OSR Library. There your going to find a ton of OD&D/Swords and Wizardry modern resources including Firearms rules, equipment, PC classes,etc. all that can easily fit this module/adventure for free.

Right now on to the Paranoia Pit! This is a ten page free or pay what you'd like adventure set during the heyday of the forth age of exploration during the 1930's or so.
The set up is classic monster movie or Saturday matinee serial fare, 'The heroes fly to a remote island (close
to the Japanese Mandate) noted in pencil on the chart. An executive of the Standard Oil
Company provided the coordinates when he contracted the heroes to run cargo to a fiveman
 survey there; the information is considered proprietary and therefore not on any established maps.'
Yes, I already know that this an attempt to sell the author's rpg the Heroes of Rura - Tonga. I say more power to him. He's offering a free pdf adventure and there are number of titles also available for pay what you like purchase. This is part of an island hopping campaign style of adventure role playing. Now where have I seen that idea before?Oh yeah!

So you've got the perfect set up for any number of OSR game adventures. Now I've heard some folks using this adventure for a Call of Cthulhu style game adventure and other friends of mine have run this with Lamentations of the Flame Princess using David Bay Miller's OSR add ons.
The module puts your PC's right into the heart of a weird pulpy supernatural happening and adventure style that emulates a few early pulp era conventions. This isn't a bad thing at all. And we get a bit of a preview of Rura-Tonga and its environs.
So there's also a preview of the 'Any System Key' in there as well, this is rules lite conversion tool for your post and premodern games. Not too bad if this is the rules set that your aiming for.
So what can be done with "The Paranoia Pit"? Well what can't really? This adventure could with a bit of work be used as a jump off point for a series of dungeon explorations as you as the dungeon master place a small dungeon or ruin of a forgotten Pacific people some place on the island and its environs. Its really not a badly done little package for setting up for an investigative style series of occult  adventures in the tradition of Indiana Jones . I really don't want to give away too much of the plot of this short set up and dive into adventure. As a pulpy modern Lovecraftian adventure  The Paranoia Pit has the potential to act as a spring board into a full blown modern occult campaign. There are a number of retroclones rpg systems that could work for taking this adventure to the next level. We'll get into some of those coming up in another blog entry soon. I'd give the Paranoia Pit an even four out of five stars as a free jump off point for adventuring into the pulp era and lifting the veil from your player's eyes!


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