Thursday, November 12, 2015

1d6 Random Lost World Treasures Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are minor treasures & relics that come to the wastelands from time to time that can trace their origins to far stranger places. Many of these treasures can act as hooks into other adventures given time, players learn that adventurers and outlaws travel many unexpected and very dangerous places. Here are a small cross section of 1d6 of relics and minor artifacts for your own old school campaigns.

1d6 Random Lost World Treasures Encounter Table 

  1. A necklace of impossibly dangerous looking teeth belonging to some ancient and prehistoric reptilian creature. These teeth are actually those belonging to an ancient species of giant Lovecraftian lizard men sorcerers who were forced down under the Earth into the core. These teeth have sigils scratched on them that will allow on who knows the secret of this necklace to call upon a demon once per day. If used more then once the demon will appear and take the owner off to the realms of the Outer Darkness 
  2. A dinosaur like tooth that grants its owner 1800 strength once per day. The owner may heal 10 points of damage as their body is wracked with the power of the sacred tribal animal! Over use of this object will have the player visited by an ancient reptilian avatar of the minor god who will demand an explaination for the abuse of this power or destroy the fool. 
  3. A lens of quartz that allows the owner to gaze into the myriad of ancient ages and alternative worlds and once per day gate randomly into one. The owner will be put into danger as he must prove himself again and again to be worth of the honor of carrying this item. 
  4. An ancient tablet of stone that allows one to call down the darkest magics, this tablet contains 1d8 potent spells of third level . At least two or more of the spells will be black magick and cast them may attract the notice of a minor demon.
  5. This ancient Roman gauntlet has within it the power of a ghostly soldier from a lost colony of Rome. Once per day the owner may call upon the spirit of the piece for wisdom and guidance or they may grow transparent  and pass through walls as well as other barriers. These powers only work once per day and over use will result of the owner joining the ranks of the ghostly dead as the gauntlet sucks the life from them. 
  6. This ancient talisman of the lost seas allows the owner to commune with the ancient Lovecraftian elemental gods of alien times past. They may grant the owner 1d4 spells per weak or consume his mind because they hunger for the life of the present and your soul is tempting to them.

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