Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1d6 Random Weird Automatons Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the wastelands there are relics and beings of deep enchantment whose functions and intelligence defies conventional thought. These automatons were created in lost eras when humanity was not unlike gods. The ancients were beings of incredible skill and power whose creations still are pieces of marvel and incredible insight. But there is a dark side to these beings, for immortality brings with it a sense of wariness and boredom, sometimes it can even bring insanity. These beings should be treated with respect and caution for they sometimes have their own hidden and weird ageless agendas.

1d6 Random Weird Automatons Encounter Table

  1. Mr.  Fanchangluld - Once an alchemist's companion & assistant, this humanoid brass, copper, and occularium being holds the soul of his master within a small brass bottle within himself. He travels the ages helping out where and when he can. His knowledge of alchemy, and the occult is extensive, he also trades in the experiences and souls of his 'friends' for pieces of vital knowledge. He has had extensive dealings with the beings of the higher realms. He often uses his knowledge of dangerous realms to place his 'friends' in dangerous situations as part of games of adventure and chance. 
  2. Erturdu was built on the brain scans of the space gods and appears to be part mechanical squid, cuttle fish, and clock work alien mechanism. This being studies religion and science looking for the middle ground of the work of man & god within the confines of dangerous situations. She uses adventurers as the perfect subjects of bizarre occult experiments in salvation of mankind against the godless infinity of a lonely cosmos. 
  3. Lananche The Wise - This weird little dwarf like automaton is all that remains of the knowledge of Lananche, a wise man from Alexandra who sold his soul to a minor demon in exchange for breathing life into his creation. This creature uses friends and others to play bizarre games of chance and weird encounters with the occult to prove them worthy of salvation through embracing the truth of the Great Old Ones. Lananche is a dangerous spell caster in his own right and wishes to use the souls of others in his bid for demonic power. 
  4. Chathalurgor The Forgotten Son - This mechanism is the creation of two decades of research and black science. The mechanism looks like a golden headed god thing. He is one  who uses his powers to create the perfect being born out of black magic and dark circumstances. Chathalurgor will arrange odd accidents to almost kill these people and force their latent powers and abilities to surface. 
  5. Vaulurorobarc is a mechanism that seeks to understand the bits and pieces of the human soul by carving it up with sharp knives and deadly threats. This mechanism takes the form of a giant robotic insect that has a human brain as part of its head. This automaton will capture experimental subjects and give them a tour of the process of rendering down both body and soul.

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