Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1d6 Random Sword and Sorcery Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are artifacts and relics that can havoc among adventurers, these items are dangerous and carry with them a cost. Certain tribes of warriors have been known to slay those who trifle with such items. Many of these relics find they're way into ruins and dungeons because of the nature of the enchantments that grace these pieces of esoteric and occult items. 

1d6 Random Sword and Sorcery Finds Table
  1. The Sword Re'slur - This +2 sword was formed from the iron backbone of a demon from the Outer Darkness whose ribs formed the handle.The sword is very sharp and able to cut through illusions and glamours of the Fey as well as through the lies of men of the cloth. The sword is able three times per day to call forth horrors from beyond the pale of mankind itself. These most often are the least spawn of demons but this sword is cursed and these little horrors and sins stay behind even when banished back to their realms of horror. 
  2. The Blue Black Cylinder of Co'hru - This three foot tall red gold cylinder is covered with sigils and runes, inside of it are three alien brains taken from the corpses of demons whose bodies circle dead stars. The Cylinder is resistant to most physical harm, and allows a mage to cast two levels higher then their normal spell level. But only black magic  spells may be cast and this artifact will do 2d4 +1 points of damage to the owner each time its used as astral damage is done to the aura of the owner. The other downside to using this item is that the power is highly addictive and unless a successful saving throw is made. The owner will want to repeat the experience of the high and the power. Meanwhile the victim's soul bit by bit feeds the demons. 
  3. The Devil's Woman - This statue of  a demoness is erotic, buxom, and changes to the ideal of the person holding it. The statue increases luck at the gaming and gambling table by giving the owner incredible luck for 20 hours. The owner will win big till then but for each victory they will waste away for 2 points of minor damage. The owner's soul is actually being damaged the physical reflection of that damage shows. As the owner takes more damage more erotic details of the statue become visible and prominent, until the statue is entirely revealed the owner is dead. 
  4. Torvac Hand Basket - A pair of preserved  demon's hands woven into the form of a basket with fine mesh silver  wire,any small object placed within the basket will reveal its history in the form of a telepathic dream to the owner of the hands. But the owner of this object mush wash the object in a pint fresh blood preferable their own. The hands greedily soak up the blood. They will curse the owner or those around him especially he loves to gather the blood they need even if it is metaphorical in nature. 1d4 'accidents' will happen around the hands unless they are bathed within twenty four hours of their powers being used. There are twenty four pairs of these hands, each one taken from the imprisoned greedy murdering demons birthed during the rebellion of the demons from the Outer Darkness. 
  5. Ryback's Folly - This weird arrangement of lens, gears, and mechanisms is actually the control mechanism of a demonic weapon of mass destruction constructed from the machines of the gods. This mechanism will allow its owner to chart incredibly accurate birth charts based upon the stars of the damned. Those whose life charts are followed using this mechanism will be successful but will die prematurely in a violent event. The folly allows one to create a gate way to another dimensional space where live the Ryback, ancient alien demons who feast on the souls of those who seek their knowledge and expertise in all things magick and chaos. The folly can be used to create this bridge three times per month. The Ryback will want a word with those using their mechanism and will trade knowledge for 'foul favors' as they refer to them. Wizards have been known to murder for ownership of these items. 
  6. The Metal Nerves of Ka'rei - These are spools of fine demonic wires that are able to slice through bone, flesh and metal easily. They are actually the nerves of demons who are tortured in the blackness between the spaces of reality. The nerves are spooled around the backbones of Phynox demons and sealed with the afterbirth the Ka. Any fool handling these are going to take 2d6+2 points of damage as flesh, and bone are finely cut to rivets. Only specially trained demonic alchemists can hope to use these these wires to separate the souls of wizards and the damned from their bodies. They are used in forbidden rites to create horrid undead things known as the Ka'rei. These things are part demon and part undead horrors, their souls and bodies are attached by special spectral nerves allowing these monsters to almost be in two places at once. Each one counts as both specter and zombie moving in unison as the mind controlling them moves them as puppets of the damned. Those handing this material for too long risk the powers of Hell and Chaos noticing them.

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