Monday, November 9, 2015

1d6 More Random Time Lost & Horrid Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaign

There are events and places that are so traumatic and horrid that they are removed from the sight of man. The gods themselves cease to remember them. Many of these places are shunted into the Outer Darkness where they become the residence of demons, horrors, god things, and others who break the bonds of these lairs of vile evil to spread their corruption throughout the multiverse. Here are six of these places of evil to torture and bedevil your players

1d6 More Random Time Lost & Horrid Adventure Locations Table
  1. The Temple of Dekr-iatha - This strange pseudo Greek temple like structure has semi organic walls of living material. In this temple, the very flesh & existence of the humanoid life forms was stripped from them and used by the Great Old One's client races to create new bio organic technologies. This act was done with such violence and agony that the walls echo with it still. This temple's gods were rendered down into nothing more then mystical batteries which demons of darkness still feed off to this day. The temple today is a lure whose quiet interior offers a bastion of repast and relaxation but is actually a way station of agony and suffering. There will be 1d6 demons of suffering aspect within this place to capture and throw PC's onto waiting batteries of agony to drain them of essence, vitality, and even their souls. Minor demon lords continue to use this temple as a personal place of refreshment. Wars have been fought over it  in the past and it is moved from city to city across the time space continuum to gather more victims. 
  2. Noamathago Shrine - This country shrine is a place of healing but is actually something quite different. This shrine and its attendants will heal those who come in for a price. The Noamathago are actually demonic doppelgangers who use the shrine as cover to copy the souls and minds of their victims for replacement. Those who go in do come out unaware of what they really are. They serve the demon lord 'The One Who Changes' and his hidden agenda. This place was banished from reality after one of the heads of the White Way temple was taken and committed the 'unspeakable act & rite'.
  3. The Church of Rhubbhubo - This organized religion raises funds through its food kitchens and charity works but takes the souls as well as the bodies of the poor as material for demonic weapons and alien technologies. Rhubbhubo is a demonic lord of living organic weaponry and sells his wares to the highest bidder in the planar wars. He murdered vessel of light during the second Purge War and used his forces to storm and burn down the forty first heaven. His temples and churches were blasted and burned from existence but the one largest church survived and moves. 
  4. Uathorael The Walking House - The walking house is a ever changing series of 1d10 small mini shops and places that sell a variety of cursed and demonic magic items across the multiverse. These items are actually the snares of Uathorael. They mimic the powers and abilities of magic items but are actually soul vessels that within 1d6 weeks teleport back to their master with the soul of their victims.
    This demonic thing was once an angel of death who took the souls of men of renowned and mercy but he grew greedy for his charges and rebelled against the gods. For his troubles he was reduced to a quivering mass of ever changing material. This demonic horror is far more dangerous today, keeping one step ahead of the gods.
  5. Zaalho-tallo The Healer's Repast - This demonic location is a small series of healer's temples where a series of horrors occurred in the ancient past. The violence and depravity of these acts took on sentience and feelings all of their own. It serves demonic masters who provide it with power and life.
    These places remain and move among the cracks of reality taking away the injuries and horrors of others and transforming these into 1d8 demonic servants for its masters in the ever continuing wars against Law and order. 1d8 dark healers serve here as light workers for the charity of all.
  6. Rnathla-oth The Empty Place - This series of buildings and dungeons is actually the living embodiment of the horrors of the Rnathla-oth. These demons have been bound brick by brick into a living prison that travels the cosmos looking to trap those of an adventurous streak within its structure. Several treasures have been hidden away within it by the Rnathla-oth's demonic overlords. These items are vital to the war of Law. But the souls of countless victims line the walls of this place. It is able to create 1d10 demonic servants per round. But few see its servants for they are absorbed back into the walls once the blood shed and violence is done.

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