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1d6 Random Encounters With The Underworld Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The Underworld is where the souls of the ancients go after death, it is also a dimensional prison of incredible proportions. The place was once the domain of the King of the Dead, Hades but has become a dimensional dumping ground for demons, lost souls who have not made to higher realms, and monsters whose time on Earth is long past but still remains dangerous, ancient forgotten temple ruins to forgotten gods taken from the sight of man, and the ruins of long vanished & forgotten cities. Should these monsters of the underworld make their way back to Earth, they can and will break reality within a 1d20 mile radius. These are cold dark, threatening hells lit with the occasional fire of the damned. According to wiki; It was considered the dark counterpart to the brightness of Mount Olympus, and was the kingdom of the dead that corresponded to the kingdom of the gods.It is a place that holds the ruins of the cities of man that have fallen to his hand on alternative worlds, the souls of ancient gods who have fallen during the wars with the titans, and many other horrors undreamed of by mortal men. Clerics of the dark aspect of Hades gain +1 on strength and a +2 on wisdom in his divine favor but have access to black wizard spells. At fourth level clerics gain some of the weaknesses of undeath.

  The realm of the Underworld is exceedingly deadly & dangerous any portion of the world of the living exposed to its 'death energies' may go barren with a 1d20 area. Nothing will grow in these areas unless a cleric of a natural god makes an appropriate sacrifice, a grove of druids draw on the good favor of the spirits of the area, or an agent of neutrality calls down the favors of his patrons.

1d6 Random Encounters With The Underworld Table
  1. 1d8 Wraiths of the damned, these undead souls are looking for suitable vessels to possess and return to the world of the living. These monsters will be very hard to remove from their victims and dangerous to the living on many levels. 
  2. Imagormmitulli The Dark Keepers - These spirits are the horrors that feed on the sins of others and draw the 'strength' of the dead from them. They act as ghosts but will sap 1d10 years from a victim's life. They look as skeletal horrors drawn from their victim's fears taking the form of dead relatives or beloved former lovers. 
  3. Moriangorgl are hags to deal in the dreams and nightmares of the dead, trading and feeding on mortal souls in exchange for dreams and illusions of sex,love, lust, success, and horror. They draw the souls of  mortals from their bodies on a successful attack unless the victim saves vs death. The Moriangorgl claws leave tell tale marks on the flesh of the living. 
  4. Halkoragwelkob forged from the souls of the violent and hardened fighters who have turned into murderers these monsters stalk, hunt, and kill the enemies of the temples of Hades. They care a cold fired blade that causes 4d6 +2 points of damage to their victims as the blade pierces flesh and soul. They count as zombies otherwise. They drag the souls of their victims off and come back to feed on the flesh. 
  5. Shaurdrororcai are lust feeders who chew upon the flesh of the living even as they attack with waves of orgasmic spells to overwhelm the senses of the victims. They appear as filth laden vermin but cast the illusion of perfect male or female specimens to lure in their prey. The Shaurdrororcai often exit into the world of the living and can appear in daylight after consuming the souls of elders or wise men for 1d4 days. But these illusions are temporary and they will burn quickly and fast when exposed to sunlight. They have stats similar to wights but use a touch attack that drains 1d4 points of constitution from their victims.
  6. Narorogweg are violent temple victims, those who have perished while cursing the name of the gods. They are drawn into the webs of the underworld and remade into alien things to slay those who trespass into the realms of the dead. They are faceless skeleton things with burial shrouds and claws of iron that do 2d6 +1 points of damage, their touch carries diseases of a sorcerous nature and the love to possess the living to see sunlight and the warmth of flesh. But their murderous impulses will drive them to murder and violence. These horrors are dangerous and fight as skeletons but will reform in two rounds if 'destroyed' unless their remains are  blessed by a cleric.

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