Saturday, November 14, 2015

1d6 Lost World Adventure Location Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are those forces who are not content to merely bide their time on the fringes of the world, these powers often actively hunt adventurers & freebooters. They do this for alien reasons,agendas, or motives so far removed from humanity as to be down right inimical to our very existences. Here then are six weird lost world adventure locations to taunt and bedevil your adventurers in the hidden corners at the edge of the map.

1d6 Lost World Adventure Location Encounter Table
  1. The temple of the Flesh Tenders of Zeu'ru - These minor undead monks were preserved by their ancient god king but now seek the flesh of the living. The temple itself holds three floors of a minor temple of darkness and depravity. They seek the blood and flesh of the living to complete  their continuing journey into eternity. They have collected many artifacts and relics of those who visited their temples. Many things have been left behind. 
  2. The Arch of Mura - This structure has been guarded by the ghosts of the armored soldiers of Atlantis. The arch is an extra-dimensional serves as a gateway to be guarded by a dedicated brotherhood ancient Atlantian soldiers. The soldiers are ready to serve their undead master at the end of the eternity.  Ancient treasures lay within the temple to the Arch and are tempting targets for thieves. 
  3. The Long House of Eagles - This ancient temple structure is part of a lost treasure house that holds the secrets of a long dead tribe of warriors. The temple was a holding place for a long forgotten tribe of warriors who went on rampages slaughtering trade caravans. This structure holds their dead and the treasure all of which is guarded by 1d8 shadow demons. 
  4. Temple of the Elder Things - This finely wrought barrel shaped temple holds ancient pools of dried up dust and the lair of several 4 hit point mutant things that only wish to eat your face off. There 1d4 ancient relics of the elder things within and human cultists who will strap down your adventurers to be taken and experimented upon by ancient robots.
  5. Harmon's Redoubt - This ancient catch all holds the remains of the last true ancient swordsmen from Harmon. There are eighteen brothers of the sacred sword gathered around a tight circle. There are 1d8 wight warriors guarding 6666 gold coins. 
  6. The Snake Vault Of Krusi - This ancient structure of stone and steel holds one of the finest collections gold and artwork around. It also holds 1d6  black slurry life forms of the Unknowing Ones. These things hunger for the flesh and blood of the living and your being hunted through this place. There are 1d7 minor treasures or relics here .

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