Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1d6 Deep Badlands Weird Western Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are horrors in the hills on the trails into the badlands, places where civilization stops and hell begins. Monsters see these places as prime opportunities to grab a meal and adventurer. The wilderness is a weird and dangerous place with all kinds of horrors waiting around the next bend in the trail. Adventurers have to rely on themselves, their skills, tools and weapons to survive both the elements as well as the monsters.

1d6 Deep Badlands Weird Western Encounters Table

  1. A stage coach has had a terrible accident, the bodies have already been looted by a local gang of cut throats and most of the valuables have been stolen except for the strong box. The violence of the accident has created 1d4 ghostly horrors who seek revenge against the living for desiccation of the victim's corpses and the theft of their goods. The ghosts will drain anyone they come across to continue to anchor themselves to this plane. 
  2. A dust digger has secreted itself in portion of a rock wall and is feeding on passersby and their horses. Skeletons and remains are spit into the cliffs below. The the thing is able to camouflage itself with the soft rock of the cliff side trails. This thing is a mutation of a standard dust digger and may represent a band new species. 
  3. A family of Formorian giants of 1d6 has moved into the area and is feeding off of the cattle, stray ranchers (including hands), and travelers. They've amassed quite a trove of treasure and have secreted it in a nearby cave. The locals Indians hate these things with a passion and are recruiting adventurers and gunmen to hunt and kill these mad bastards. 
  4. A hang man tree is picking off lone travelers along the trails and everyone is sure bandits are operating in the area. The thing is very dangerous but careful, it strikes with the speed of a murdering fiend but almost seems to pick and choose its targets. 
  5. A school of 1d8 land dwelling rock land lampreys has been preying on travelers and lone strangers along the trails. Bodies found are horridly marked and scarred by these attacks, locals think that this area of the trails are haunted. They are looking to hire adventurer and investigators. 
  6. A tribe of 1d10 fungus men have taken to robbing, eating, and murdering travelers because they've recently warped into the area from an other dimensional gate. Already over 10 travelers have gone missing, they've mutated into chaotically evil fiends because of their trip. They have become expert camouflage artists and hide right in plain sight. The locals are convinced that a cult of demon worshipers are operating in the area. 

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