Thursday, November 26, 2015

New Magic/Relic Item - Dr. Xavier's Eye Drops For Your Old School Campaigns

Dr James  Xavier was a brilliant scientist of his Earth who used a highly dangerous mutagen formula for altering the structure and capabilities of the human eye. This allows one to see well beyond the human capacity for human vision. The serum alters and refines the structure of the eye allowing one to see beyond the "visible" spectrum into the ultraviolet and x-ray wavelengths and beyond.The drops must be used three times per day & there is a twenty percent chance of them reverting the user's vision to normal or if a save vs poison isn't made they could go permanently blind. The drops are worth 65,000 to 80,000 gold pieces due the expensive ingredients used in the preparation and manufacture of the formula.

The eye drops became central to the lives of the inhabitants of Earth once Xavier peered into the center of the universe and saw the unblinking eye of Azathoth. The eye of the great Outer God peered into the soul of Dr. Xavier and the Earth was found wanting. Dr. Xavier went mad and committed suicide but he left behind a legacy of research and scientific inquiry that would later help to be the Earth's salvation. Strange holes and dimensional anomalies began to appear world wide. Horrid invisible things began to rip people apart and some of these entities were just outside of normal reality.

This was a desperate time for humanity until the Pentagon's science & special weapons division remembered  Dr. James Xavier's body of work. The experiments began in earnest and the results were horrific. Seventy to eighty percent madness and suicide within three weeks of using the rarefied drops. The use of these drops requires a will of iron and nerves of steel. A wisdom roll is needed to stave off the worst of the mental effects as depression and mental strain begins to set in. Teams of soldiers and warriors were sent in with the 'Watchers' guarding their backs. Highly dangerous and experimental energy weapons were developed as a result of studying the invaders and production of the drops remained high.

The alien invaders were seemingly beaten back but the horrid truth was finally revealed. These invaders were actually only the advanced scouts marking the way for the return of their masters. This Earth was lost to an invasion of incalculable violence, insanity, and a twisted Apocalypse. But the genie was out of the bottle and Xavier's eye drops can be found throughout the multiverse. It takes a highly specialized laboratory of incredibly high standards to produce the drops. But there are several highly illegal ventures that still do and a few cults who use them as sacred sacraments for their worshipers. When found there are enough drops for a course of several months turning and twisting the eyes, perceptions and minds of those who use them.
'Watchers' advance as thieves on the experience tables as the drops ravages not only their eyes mutating and changing them but expands their minds in weird and twisted ways. In Mutant Future terms the PC gains not only increased sense, but also ultravision, xray vision, and thermal vision. Users must roll on the chart below twice for further effects. Wisdom rolls are needed every two weeks to not go mad from some of the insane and forbidden things the user has seen. The user must wear special wrap around glasses or they will be at a -5 on all rolls requiring visual input and stimulus.

1d10 Random Effects Under 
The Influence of Dr. Xavier's Drops Table
  1. The user gains the abilities of a crystal ball but none of the safeties they can peer into the near by astral plane for 60 feet but there is a 5% chance of something horrid noticing them. 
  2. The PC gains the abilities of a Vision spell five times per day and the physical toll does three points of sub dual damage to them 
  3. The user gains the abilities of a wizard's eye spell but also gains a madding vision of a possible alternative Hellish reality as well. Something has noticed him! There is a 4% chance it might be coming for him. 
  4. The PC gains the ability to see  any invisible creature or object within 60 feet of her and gains a +3 on any check for traps or hidden doors roll. 
  5. You gain the abilities of a spell of true seeing five times per day but there is a sense of paranoia that something is watching you. 
  6. You gain the ability to see into people's hearts and souls. You can tell if someone is possessed or being ridden by a supernatural entity. There is a 60% chance of these entities seeing you because of your pervading sight. 
  7. You gain the ability to see invisible creatures or objects normally, sees through illusions, and sees the true form of polymorphed, changed, or transmuted things. Further, the subject can focus its vision to see into the Ethereal Plane (but not into extra dimensional spaces). The range of true seeing conferred is 120 feet but these actions cause you great physical discomfort and your at a -5 on all of your rolls. 
  8. You can see the nearby planes of the newly dead and the prisons of ghosts within a 120 foot radius, they may notice you 30% chance and begin to haunt you.
  9. Your eyes perceive the world as energy emissions and light. You can see the patterns of magick and can undermine these patterns up to the fourth level. As a user you can make a dexterity check to foul up the delicate natures of magic spells and rituals in a 10 foot radius of you but your now more sensitive to the effects of magic and gain migraines from its use within a 40 foot radius of your location. 
  10. You gain the ability to see the true nature of the motives of people and can see the the webs of lies, deceptions, and self delusions of those around you. There is a 30% chance of being able to follow these twisted and convoluted threads to their sources. You have a 20% chance of knowing some minor but dire secret of a person of power or influence. This ability has turned you into a jaded and heartless person though.

This post was inspired by and a homage to X The Man With The X Ray Eyes, it is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to act as a violation of the copyright and trademarks of the holders for this classic film. None of the rpg makers or producers mentioned in this blog post are responsible for the contents of this blog. This my own creation and is not condoned by them in any way.

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