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1d8 Random Lovecraftian Inner Sea Finds Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are things that drift in on the astral winds and trade sea currents, relics and artifacts that came with the destruction of Atlantis, Mu, and the other lost places at the end of the Great Ice age. But occasionally these artifacts turn up, washed on some nameless beach or found in a wreck to cause untold misery upon the lives of mortal men. Here are six relics that have drifted in or been found in wrecks in my campaigns.

"It is well that the reader accept nothing which follows as objective truth, for since the events transcend natural law, they are necessarily the subjective and unreal creations of my overtaxed mind. When I attained the conning tower I found the sea in general far less luminous than I had expected. There was no animal or vegetable phosphorescence about, and the city that sloped down to the river was invisible in blackness. What I did see was not spectacular, not grotesque or terrifying, yet it removed my last vestige of trust in my consciousness. For the door and windows of the undersea temple hewn from the rocky hill were vividly aglow with a flickering radiance, as from a mighty altar-flame far within."

The Temple  (1925)
by H. P. Lovecraft

1d6 Random Lovecraftian Inner Sea Finds Encounter Table
  1. Huroth's Mechanism - The sea water and dimensional travel have corroded this mechanism but it still functions as a cursed item and will take 1d4 hours from a person's day speeding things up sucking time away. The mechanism twists perceptions and once per day at a random time will suck all of the light in a given area and explode into a color spray like display causing all kinds of havoc in a given area. The twisted and corroded spirit of the mechanism takes great delight in this action.
  2. Ilkaet's Touch - This wand of silver steel  and twisted steel's original application is unknown but now it turns things to silver three times per day. The process for turning them back is unknown with an extensive 1d6 day process of examining the wand in great detail after which the signs and symbols will reveal themselves.
  3. Kagbandrtu- A small statue of a minor god of power whose face has become worn away  with time.The statue now causes psychic pollution and twice per day the thing creates a psychic blast capable of doing 2d6 points of telepathic and telekinesis damage.
  4. Kororg's Crystal is a shard of glass like crystal that can cause a devastating magickal pulse three times per day that does 3d6+2 points of damage to objects and creatures. The Crystal will eventually discharge all of its energy in a spectaular display of magical energy that can be seen for two miles radius. This display will do 1d8 points of damage to those within a twenty foot radius can save and take half damaged. The crystal will blacken the area with magical pollution but the crystal itself will be undamaged.
  5. Lkalav- A statue of a wolf like creature that at sunset will animate and go on a murderous rampage across the countryside. The spirit of this object is angry and frustrated at the destruction of its former temple and homelands. A quest must be undertaken to put this minor demon to rest.
  6. Miroru - This weird statue of an Earth mother goddess will heal 1d20 points of damage once per week but will demand a blood sacrifice once upon the new moon. She will telepathically contact the owner and try to build a cult from the ground up. The statue is only six inches tall but will gain 1d6 random powers by doing 1d6 +1 points of damage to life essence of the owner. She will take what she needs.
  7. Nani - A +1 flint knife that is cursed with violence and will cause its own to start to take lives in the name of unknown and forgotten gods.
  8. Ncaungbaldu- This crown of finely wrought stone grants its owner cosmic insight into the universe three times per week but will open up vistas of lost and forbidden places. It will slowly erode the owner's sanity within 1d8 months from when they begin to put it on.

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