Tuesday, November 3, 2015

OSR Science Fantasy Monsters: The Slave Raiders From Mercury For Your Old School Campaigns

There are alien races out the cosmos who exploit anyone they come across, the raiders from Mercury are a hazard that many adventurers & freebooters have run across. They are a tall spindly race of slavers and raiders who often attack & raid races for any sentients they come across. The raiders are a tall spindly race of beings whose almost comical appearance belies the incredibly dangerous and powerful creatures. The race uses space warps technology, Outer Darkness dimensional rifts  & atomic rocket ships to cross vast distances to procure stock for their interdimensional markets as well as human stock 'products'

The Slave Raiders From Mercury
No Encountered:1d8

Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Movement: 30 (fly/swim 60)
Dexterity: 12 
Armor Class:2 
Hit Dice: 6+6 
No of Attacks: 4 
Damage: 1d4+3 x4 
Saving Throw: 14 
Morale: 11 
Experience Points : 860 
Treasure Type : Q
Specials: Immune to cold and airless vacuum 

They have a charm spell  like gaze that they can use three times per day
The slavers can cast an extrasensory perception spell three times per day
Once per day the slavers can use a gaze attack as per a fear spell.

 Slavers attack with whip like limbs which can crack bone, slash skin and disrupt organs with internal damage. They are loath to damage merchandise as they see  humans & near human kind. These beings use instead a special stun wand that can sap the will of a target within a 30 yard radius if the victim fails a save vs device check. This weapon can be used six times per day. They can also strike targets with a blast of concentrated power to stun a target for 2d6 +2 points of temporary damage; this attack has a forty yard radius and can be used five times per day.

Slavers are made from an alien weird non terrestrial pseudo organic substance allowing them to survive in the vacuum of outer space. They feed on a wide variety of energy and etheric sources making them almost close to plant like life forms. Slavers do not eat nor sleep as we do and seem to take great delight in the utter misery of their prey. Those taken in raids by the slave raiders are seldom ever seen again, instead they are scattered across the cosmos almost never to see home again.

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