Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Monster Ecology : Huygen's Snotgurgles For Your Old School Campaigns

Snotgurgles are the relatives of both trolls & ogre families but are distinct mutational strains from both of these monsters. They are horrid creatures  of extreme evil, degeneration and violence reveling and exemplifying every chaotic and evil tendency of the universe. They are gross psychopathic murdering creatures who delight in killing, maiming, torturing, and murdering anyone or anything that they come across. These horrors are drawn to the lonely places, ancient outposts of horror, and the barrow downs of old  kings of legend  for they are also an incredibly greedy species and seek gold,artifacts, magical relics and more only to keep these from the hands of the just and good.  Snotgurgles are rabidly strong and violent, they stand a little over seven and a half feet of twisted muscle and wicked flesh rending claws. Their  bite is  disease filled and caustic to the flesh of men and those of the supernatural alike . Those who survive encounters with Snotgurlges must roll save vs disease or contract an aggressive flesh rot disease similar to mummy rot with 1d4 rounds. Snotgurles are able to see in total darkness up to 70 feet; they have keen sense's of smell and are able to hear prey up to 200 yards. Anyone coming within 10 feet of a Snotgurgle's bug infested hide must save vs disease or wretch from the sheer scent of rot, bug infested fur, and fly blown filth.

These mad bastards are drawn to scenes of violence and depravity as moths to flames. Snotgurlge's are bug infested creatures and lairs are full of lice, fleas, and sometimes giant ticks. They use a wide variety of places for lairs and anyone coming within 10 feet of a Snotgurgle lair must save vs or gag from the smell. Old hunting cabins, caves, tumble downs, dungeon ruins, and old military bases are often used by this species as lairs and bases.
The snotgurgles are of low but cunningly average intelligence but live to be two thousand years old. They have six twisted fingered claws and seven flat toed feet both of which make the Snotgurle excellent climbers and are perfect for woodland, mountainous and temperate terrain.
Snotgurlges are born thieves and steal anything valuable that they can lay hands on. They accumulate vast hoards of relics, jewels, coins, money, magick items and have at least three or more bug infested bolt holes.Snotgurles are mostly loner killers and hunters but occasionally a sport is born that is a natural leader these monsters will be of a particularly dangerous cunning aspect. These cunning horrors  lead bands of 1d8 Dr. Huygen's Trolls as outlaws and bandit raiders to terrorize the surrounding countryside.
They are master torturers and go out of their way to capture victims and torture them for hours before consuming their prey. They especially hate Gnomes and other Fey with a burning passion taking special delight in torturing and murdering them
Huygen's Snotgurgles
Number Encountered: 1d4 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: M 
Movement: 40 
Dexterity: 7 
Armor Class:5
Hit Dice:10
No Attacks: 3(Claw/Claw/Bite) or By Weapon
Damage: 1d6/1d6/2d6 
Saving Throw: 1
Experience Points: 700 
Treasure type: C,D,E 

Certain Snotgurgles become phantom horrors and killers stalking the countryside as lone monsters of incredibly dangerous aspect. They grow more cunning & insular as time goes on. These horrors stalk certain families across centuries as curses and kill bloodline members after driving  them to almost madness. They seem to derive as much pleasure in the physiological torture aspect as in the murder.

This post is for educational purposes only and is not an attempt to violate the trade marks or copyrights of the holders of the Gnome properties or Pan book LTD. This simply the rabid ramblings of a Gnome and AD&D, D&D and retroclone  fan.

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