Friday, November 20, 2015

Review & Commentary On The OSR Adventure Resource For The Gang Busters Rpg - Police Dispatches From Mark Hunt

The Gangerbusters rpg came out in Nineteen Eighty Two, and hit the pavement running with some pretty unusual design choices right out of gate. The game was set at the high of Prohibition, and according to Wiki you choose a within a limited scope a great set of bloody pulp PC classes. Players take the roles of criminals, law enforcement professionals, or other characters (such as newspaper reporters) who investigate or oppose criminals. An emphasis is placed on the violent growth of organized crime during Prohibition. Now Mark Hunt has been issue a whole new line of products for the venerable game of violent crime and political corruption. One thing that defined games of Gangbusters was the simple fact that your campaigns were only as good as the bad guys. Now this brings up to Police Dispatches from Mark Hunt's pen, this is a collection of eight pages of radio calls and dispatches  from the files of the Blue Book Detective agency to send your PC's on.

The whole point of this product is a series of well done and meaty calls to send your PC's onto in the urban wilds of Lake Front City. The central hub of criminal activity in the middle of the Gangbusters game. There is also a helpful chart where you can get some quick stats for an NPC or new character.
Basically these are instant adventure hooks for law enforcement or FBI agents, but they can also work for reporters who are looking for a quick story or byline. These are some pretty solidly done hooks and lines into a crime ridden alley or flop house. Mark knows his stuff because he's continued the graphic linage of advertising and eye catching quickness that puts you the dungeon master and the players center stage with his creations. Do a quick cross comparison with this original piece from the back cover of Dragon magazine and the above cover.

The experienced dungeon master is going use this series of adventure hooks to bait and reel in his player's PC's into all kinds of predicaments and cross purposes. Part of the success of Gangbusters was the fact that you could have all of the players hatching cross schemes and still run a whole game of Gangbusters within the confines of Lake Front City. This classic style of play is talked about right over HERE.
A couple of the dispatches reminded me of the the classic Death on the Docks module for Gangbusters. Communist agitators and dangerous dock workers abound in this module and will kill you as well. Bottom line is Police Dispatches worth the download? I think so and I also think that its got great utility and worth the price of admission.

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