Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1d6 Random Weird Western Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when planes & dimensions can touch in rare cross rift dimensional anomalies, adventurers can run across all kinds of rivals, horrors, and terrors. Here are a few of the many weird things that adventurers might run across while on the trails.

1d6 Random Weird Western Encounters Table

  1. Dune stalker recently summoned by a cult of cannibalistic degenerates now seeking victims after they've been cleared out by local Indian braves. The thing will attack anyone it runs across, it returns to its former master's camp every night at sun down. There is a bit of loot left from sacrifice victims that have been left behind. 1d20 dollars and jewels are buried under the camp stone. 
  2. One giant scorpion mutated by planar energies is on a rampage, the mutant horror is taking down any one  that it comes across and is a menace to locals. It hides itself in the sands nearby. 
  3. 1d4 hook horrors have recently warped into the area they have established themselves in a local ruin in the nearby foot hills and are eating travelers in the area. 
  4. Two headed troll and family of four has come down from the mountains searching for food and is using the local game trails as a foot hold into this country. They've attacked a local rancher and massacred his family. Local Indians are aware of the situation and are seeking help with these horrors. 
  5. A pack of 1d8 mutated wolves are attacking local cattle and anyone they come across, these horrors sport 1d4 mutations. They are vicious in the extreme. 
  6. A grove of Yellow Musk trees has warped into the area's forest or shrub land. A stage couch, and several settlers families have gone missing and become the Yellow Musk zombies serving the horror. They have begun the process of building a minor temple and have attracted a dark shaman to their cause.

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