Sunday, November 8, 2015

1d6 Random Prehistoric Sword and Sorcery Wasteland Encounters For Your Old School Campaigns

There are wastelands where time & space intersect, where adventurers &  all kinds of outlaws can run into dangers undreamed of by mortal man. These deep wildernesses of untamed horror and savagery are the last frontiers where the relics of ages are still found. But they are home to monsters and mutants of all stripes and the playground of Chaos and mutation. Here then are six antediluvian encounters with things of horror and mythology to perplex and confound your PC's.

1d6 Random Prehistoric Sword and Sorcery Wasteland Encounters
artwork by Fred Wierum, 2015

  1. Devil Swine Slaver with Caravan & 1d6 2nd level fighter bodyguards armed with short bows, whips, and heavy stunners. They're on route to a slave auction but are not adverse to picking up some spare merchandise. 
  2. 1d4 Wasteland Wyverns and primitive small mutant riders armed with slings and short bows. These things are cannibals in search of food. 
  3. Dinosaur wasteland rider on a vital mission, being perused by lizard men mercenaries armed with weird energy weapons capable of doing 4d6+2 points of damage. The rider is actually an escaped princess on a mission for her father's wasteland city state. 
  4. A barbarian warrior on the back of a wasteland saur moving as quick as he can because of a giant bio organic air ship piloted by amoeba men. He has stolen a mystic jewel from them and they want it back. But he's actually hidden it in a nearby valley. 
  5. A giant desert serpent is on the trail of a mutant ridge runner, unknown to both a Lemurian  patrol ship floats soundlessly above the mutant. They want a sample of his blood and anyone  they run across to help replenish their clone stock of genetic material. Your adventurers will do nicely. 4th level fighters armed with energy weapons and advanced medikits for samples as well as wares. 
  6. A lizard king and his entourage of 3rd level mutant fighters on their way to a wizard's conclave in the wasteland standing stones. They are looking for sacrifices for the Old One they wish to summon. They have 1d6 Allosaurus.telepathically controlled to do hunting and fetching for their masters.
    They will go out of their way to collect your party of adventurers for a worthy sacrifice.

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