Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1d8 Bounty Dogs NPC Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

If your PC's cross the wrong people, destroy the wrong properties, or anger the authorities in too many trail or border towns then a reward is going to be put on your PC's heads and these folks don't stop. Down the trails and onto  the rewards come these unusual bounty dogs ready to collect their rewards.

1d8 Bounty Dogs NPC Encounter Table
  1. Julian Otega - The gentleman bounty hunter is a rarity, an adventurer and gun hand with an eye on the money and a bring them in alive attitude to hang. He's a 7th level fighter armed with two Colt Single Action Army revolvers.  and a lever action rifle
    He's familiar with both magick and technology, he's not fazed by ether and only the reward matters to him.
  2. 'Hanging Jack Catch em' this 4th level thief is a bout as dangerous as they come, he always needs a shave and a bath. His speed with his revolvers  is only matched by the his knives. He loves to kill to match the dead or alive part of a reward. 
  3. Steven Lightning Amor - Steven is a 5th level wizard who uses two wands frost and cold. He also has a staff of stunning that does 3d6 +2 temporary points of  subdual damage. His patron is a god of justice.  He specializes in child murders and missing kids cases for personal reasons. He loves to fill his time with common criminals and bail jumpers between his 'special cases'
  4. The Black Fox - A 5th level Elven gun hand and tracker who loves to hunt down genocidal maniacs and murders. He is a added by a third level wizard named Fred. 
  5. Stubby Johnson - A fat little man of seemingly innocent face, once an actor whose been possessed by the spirit of a 10 level wizard. The man proved surprisingly willful and has become a fifth level wizard in his own right; he has turned into a rather ruthless and dangerous bounty dog using tactics and magick to bring his prey to  justice. The two inhabit his body in a rather uneasy truce of sorts. 
  6. Phase Callahan - Phase is a 5th level thief /tracker who uses a variety of disguises and identities to trace her prey across the plains. She uses daggers,derringers, and a canny intelligence to take down her quarry. 
  7. Gentleman Jones Dunnahue - Former secret service agent whose exploits make him the center of attention. Jones uses a vast network of contacts and go betweens to spy on the underworld. He's a 6th level fighter who uses a variety of guns and knives to get the job done. He is on a quest for vengeance against the gang who cost him his job. 
  8. Piper Truhold - 5th level cleric and priest of the One Way, this seemingly innocent preacher is actually Michelle Piper who has taken her grand father's identity. She travels through the trails looking for his murderers while tending her rural 'flock'. Her cane is actually a +2 mace of disruption and she uses it often to collect the bounties on the way ward and dangerous. The charges she brings in have 'accidents' so she can collect the reward.

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