Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1d8 Random Weird Strong Box Contents Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Down through the trails  and roads of the West, stage coaches thunder through passages and around hair pin turns. There have been the occasional mishaps and accidents that have caused coaches, their contents and more to go missing. Here then is a set of random weird contents for stage coaches to confound and cause PC's to become embroiled in the deep end of adventures in the weird West.

1d8 Random Weird Strong Box Contents Table
  1. A weird statue of a squat and weird Heathen idol about twelve inches high and weighing in at about 30 pounds of not quite gold. Worth about five hundred dollars to the right collector. The thing is wrapped in butcher paper and its on its way back East to  Miskatonic University  in Arkham Mass. The thing hurts your eyes to look at, a local cult of weirdos is after the thing. 
  2. A single edged silver dagger of high quality steel in a small wooden box, the thing is cold and almost seems alive. The dagger is  a +1 weapon and seems to dance just out of the corner of your eye. A doctor back east is waiting for the dagger in New York City. The dagger has a sheath made of some very fine but odd kid leather. Voices and other odd whispering seem to echo around the owner. The dagger is worth 20.00 dollar to the right collector. 
  3. A glass jar of dirt with humanoid heart in the thing smells a bit briny. A small cult of outlaws is after this item and will stop at nothing to have it.
  4. A single gold coin in a glass bell jar is very odd to look at, one side is defaced and the other contains hundreds of scratching of weird alien signs and symbols on it. The thing grows warm to the touch and there is the feeling of being watched by something after handling it. There is a pound of gold that has gone into the creation of this item. Federal agents are looking for this item while a small band of European spies and assassins is also searching for it. There is a a one hundred dollar reward for it. 
  5. A small valuable leather journal is being returned back East to a Mr. Shelton after the death of his brother down in Mexico. The journal contains maps, diagrams, and even a small bone key but the journal also details the interactions between Professor Shelton and clan of degenerate dwarfs and their lost civilization. A gang of outlaws is after this book along with a cabal of European sorcerers and black wizards. They will murder for this item and have including the professor.
  6. A single gold bar wrapped in human flesh and sealed within a small box. This bar has six thousand and sixty eight sigils of power on it. There is a cult after it from Juarez Mexico. 
  7. A woman's jeweled spider broach has been placed in a box and wrapped in oil cloth, the thing is going back East to a Mrs. Eliot Carver. The thing is representation of the great spider of the Black Pit and the cult wants it back. It has one more secret, a deadly hidden needle contains giant spider venom and any cut from it will cause the target to save vs death or pass on from horrid multiple bleeding wounds from all of the victim's orifices. 
  8. A small man's ring with a golden band and a weird jewel whose surface seems to hurt the eyes. A Mr. I.M. Potter owns the ring which is being sent to him. The ring contains 1d6 black magick spells and is being pursued by a pack of ghouls who wish it returned to their king in the Badlands region. The ring is easily worth $ 200 dollars.


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